Flaxseeds – the downside, sort of, so to speak..(bowels agai

Hi, more bowels, I’m afraid. I have a few problems, with sluggish bowels. I don’t eat gluten and on doctors’ orders, I’m eating a very low-carbohydrate diet to keep my blood sugars within a reasonable range. I have discovered that eating an avocado each day keeps things moving, so to speak. I found a great recipe for flaxseed focaccia and made it. I can even make sandwiches with it and thought, great – the answer to all my problems. This and the avocado can’t fail to keep things moving. But…I have found that eating ground up flaxseeds this way is making things worse. I managed to ‘go’ this morning, but it took 3 pints of water over a few hours and I do a lot of exercise. The flaxseeds seem to move very, very slowly through me and if I eat more than a tiny bit of this bread, then I suffer bloating and pain. Does anyone else have this problem? If you can eat flaxseeds and want the recipe, I can post it. I got it from the low-carb website at About.com and it really is very nice.

I’ve given up on ground linseed for much the same reason. (Am I right in assuming that flax seeds and linseeds are the same thing?) Ordinary cracked linseed is a different matter. A spoonful of those added to the oats before making it all into porridge is actually a very nice breakfast, as well as a soothing help for the insides. The porridge does have a somewhat slippery consistency, which not everyone is going to like, but I think it’s OK. Having said all that, I haven’t got back into my winter porridge habit yet, but this might be a good time. Looking pretty autumnal out there. I’ve just remembered you don’t do gluten - do oats have gluten? I don’t know, but I’m sure you do! Alison x

Ouch, oats are incredibly painful. The indigestion, the lack of digestion - you don’t want me to go into details… It’s a shame, as I do like them, but they really don’t like me. On the packet (and in the dictionary) linseeds and flaxseeds were one and the same. It is nice bread though - the flax focaccia. xx