Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago I read a thread about constipation and possible solutions. Can I just say that I have persisted with the linseeds in my morning porridge along with dried figs and prunes and the results have been very encouraging. There was no overnight success but things have got gradually better. I don’t know who started the post but I am very very very very very grateful-so is my lovely wife now I’m not spending a lifetime on the throne.

Best wishes everyone, Steve.

I can’t remember who started it either Steve, but I’ve also had success with the linseeds. As you say, not overnight, but they certainly do help if you keep at it.

I’ve also increased my fresh fruit and think that has helped as well… esp plums.

Have a nice weekend,

Pat x

One other thing ‘all bran’ i put it in a bowl with dried cranberries/raisins etc and nibble it as a snack (no milk, just dry)! Try and drink more fluids, take care M

Morning All,

Hope the day is being good to you so far?

I am glad to hear that the linseeds are working. I know I have mentioned it a lot on here. In fact I am taking mine now, a late breakfast. I sprinkle them on anything and everything, I absolutely swear by them.

Enjoy your weekend.