Hi Guys hope you all have a good Christmas. Can anyone help I have really bad constipation, due to all the medication I have been taking. My Doctor has told me to take over the counter stuff. Can anyone help with a more natural remedy, I eat at least 5 potions of fruit and veg a day and have fruit and fibre for breakfast, is there anything else? Thanks Deborah

I’ve been suffering with it since being on baclofen. I usually remedy it by having a shot of olive oil in the morning and at night. Tastes like hell but I can guarantee you in two days you’ll be free of it. Good luck!

Thanks I will try your suggestion, I am willing to try anything. All the best Deborah

Hi Deborah, this was the bane of my life until I found something that works… orange juice! I read it on EL a few months back so thought I’d give it a go. I have at least 2 (and usually more) big glasses a day… so I would say it’s probably a pint or more… but because it’s so acid I water it down 50/50. Because of the price, I buy the cartons of concentrate… and buy those bargain ones of 4 cartons in a pack. Give it a try… honestly I’ve been surprised by how good it is and only now have constipation if I don’t drink enough juice. Pat xx

One more thing… I saw a bowel nurse earlier this year and she suggested that I was eating too much fibre. The trouble is that fibre can be very dry and therefore sit in the intestine… and cause constipation. It is simply too dry to move down to the bowel. She suggested I cut down on fibre a bit and peel fruit… plus increase liquid intake which I have done with the orange juice. So maybe it’s the combo of those two things that have helped me so much. Pat x

Thanks Pat Didn’t think that maybe I am eating to much fibre and fruit. I do drink a lot of water between 8-10 pints a day so I am drinking loads. Thanks for the advice I will try and see if it helps. Deborah

Many people find that Golden Linseeds do the trick and more of a natural solution.

ahhh I’ve been shovelling fruit & fibre down my neck and its not worked, will try oj - thanks x

Senokot is herbal and gentle, helps your intestines to contract and feed everything through. Prunes and orange juice work for many people as does bran. Hope you feel better soon. xxx

Cath xx

I’m guessing Cool Oil is probably pretty good then, especially in OJ.

It’s a blend, I think it’s hemp & flaxseed along with some other stuff - I used to take it for flexibility but could only handle it in OJ as you could have it with food but not cook with it.

Sonia x

I drink loads of water which I think helps a bit.

Pam x

I think Pam’s right… loads of water… But also I remembered something else. I used to eat bananas but have found that they really made me constipated. A shame as they are so good for you and I found if I had complete fatigue meltdown a banana could sometimes stop it to an extent… but I have had to give them up for sake of a ‘regular’ life! So if you eat bananas it’s worth going a couple of weeks without just to see if it makes a difference. Pat xx

I’m going through a bit of it at the moment and just wanted to add when I say shot of olive oil. I mean normal shot glass. I had some out of a Bacardi shot glass and it’s almost 3 times the size. Needless to say I’ve been trying to keep my lunch down since 2 :frowning: too much info maybe but knowing is half the battle :wink:

Tried all of ther above and more I now take movicol every day and use a microlet enima daily I am nown as regular as clockwork and in conntrol rather than the other way round. Took years to sort out but am I glad it is I saw the continence urse she put my on my catheter the other best thing ever. My life was once ruled by the toilett now I am in charge for the cotinnence nurse from me

I was the same and like Hoppity take Movicol or Laxido every other day and it seems to make me go Regularly! A MS nurse once told me over counter meds are no good for MS sufferers?

Hi Guys thanks for all your advice. I have tried Movicoln and Laxido neither work, I have also tried all the over the counter medication nothing works,now trying Prunes and add 1 tsp of Linseed on my fruit & fibre in the morning. I do drink a lot of water, between 8 & 10 pints a day so think iam well hydrated. Will let you know how I get on. Deborah

I find an apple a day at bed time seems to help a bit.

Hi Guys one week later thought I would report back, thanks for all the suggestions.success with Golden Linseeds, 1 tsp over my fruit & fibre each morning has worked.try it for those that suffer as I did. All the best Deborah