Flashes in eye


So I’ve been having flashes in the outer corner of my left eye for a few months and I’m not sure whether it is MS related. It’s sort of like seeing a reflection on a glass out of the corner of your eye or something like that. I’ve also noticed my eyes are more sensitive to the light. Has anyone experienced this sort of thing before? I should I be worried?


I have, but I saw rings of light, also photophobia. MRI found lesion on optic nerve but several other possible causes

Last year I suffered similar…started with flashes in my right eye, then quickly developed into a blind spot in my central vision. I could still see perfectly well around the central area, but for my right eye focusing/reading was difficult/impossible. A trip to the neurologist confirmed an episode of optic neuritis which I believe is very common with MS. I decided to see how it progressed naturally, although I was offered a course of steroids (I hate them). After a few months the sight had recovered I’d say about 70%, and in the maybe 6 months since, my right eye is around 90% recovered.