flashing side of right eye

Hello there,

I’m new to this forum although I have had MS for 11 years. I’m a little concerned as to whether or not I am experiencing something related to my MS. Over the last few days, I have developed flashing to the side of my right eye. There is no pain with it, although it does ache a little. I have never experienced this before in all the time I’ve been diagnosed.

I would appreciate any feedback as to what it may be and its cause?

Many thanks

I get this all the time and my face feels numb I was checked by the hospital and had a field test and they said all was fine. I have mentioned this to neuro a few times but he justs says it goes with the terriority. Mark

Sounds very much like migraine aura (without headache). Apparently migraine quite common in MS sufferers. i have flashing, it’s like my eye taking a photo, not diagnosed with MS as yet but diagnosed with migraine aura. xx

Hello there,

Thank you to all who provided feedback, very informative!! In response to the retina damage, I had my eyes checked at my local neuro hospital and all was well, I’m sure they would have picked up on that.

I have two appointments due, one in November with neuro psych - memory, concentration probs (results of test :-D) and a further one in December with the consultant, so I will mention it then as it’s now been over a week and continuing.

Hope to speak to all soon,

Take care of yourselves and keep well xx