No central vision at night

Hi everyone

Been a while since I have logged in, I had a relapse in October last year with Optic Neuritis in my left eye, eye isn’t perfect yet, still get flashing lights at night (its fine in the daylight) but I know it can take a while, last night though as I was led in bed I noticed with the light coming through the window that I had no central vision in my right eye, i could see left and right but not straight on, its fine with the lights on and in the day, does anybody else have this? where the vision is worse in dimmed light etc and fine in the day?

I am awaiting a call back from my MS nurse. Im not overly concerned but at the same time I don’t want to ignore which is why I have called my nurse.

Thanks everyone

Emma x

Hi Emma,

Optic neuritis plays havoc with our sight like nothing else I know. When the optic nerve become inflamed it causes a strange mixture of sight problems.

It’s obviously quite disturbing when our sight goes squiffy like this but it’s certainly not dangerous, unless you’re a racing driver. Or an airline pilot.



Hi Emma!

Especially if you had just had a relapse relating to your optic nerve, it’s possible to have some nerve irritation remaining as the body tries to repair the damage. Nerve irritation can cause those “psuedo-relapse” type symptoms that were alike to the ones you experienced previously.

Or, if the nerve is permanently damaged from your relapse, that can also be a cause. Difference in nighttime vision is not uncommon when there is damage. I too have decreased vision in one eye when the lights are off and once they are back on, all is well. Scared the living day lights (no pun intended) out of me the first time I noticed!