First CBT appointment

…this morning…am strangely nervous…what if the psyc thinks I’m more nutty than I actually am…OMG!!! I think the notes may read “eccentric bordering on barking”. Note to self…no maniacal laughing…no hysterical, snotty weeping…no gin beforehand.

Plus all the details when you get back.

Hope all goes well


Ive just read your demonic hobbit post… that bodes well for your appt!!!


Good luck, let us know how it goes.



Ok, so all done. And bar the gin, I forgot not to do the other two!! Really recommend it. Off loaded a lot…and it was only an introductory session. Wouldn’t say I feel better…yet…but am hopeful that future sessions will help me explore my attitudes, hopes, fears and stress about having MS and as the psyc said, this should impact on my well being and symptoms. Apparently I maxed out the score for stress and anxiety and depression. But not really surprising given that I was only diagnosed on 26th September. And given that I’m a “I’m ok” girl, maybe I hadn’t realised / accepted how it is affecting me. I certainly feel very positive about the positive potential these sessions will have. Catherine

I bet in the therapist write up it says barking somewhere ;o)

Barking and past any useful interventions, I would think!! Xx

Glad it went well :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thanks. My hopes were well founded…I have seen some very positive outcomes in other area’s so have grown to be quite an advocate of its benefits…never thought I’d be putting it to the test. But hey, now at least I can speak from experience when I eventually get back to working life! Catherine

Glad it was a positive experience. Teresa xx