cbt for being diagnosed as undiagnosed,could be a long wait,

i am going through four sessions of neuro cbt with clinical psychologist,to help me manage my life,to have more rest periods,feeling very lost with it all,go back to neuro after to review spinal mri and cbt report. love boz xxx :wink:

Hi Boz. I can really relate to what you’re feeling. Limboland is so hard isn’t it & I too feel very ‘lost’ with it all. Each day is uncertain as to whether it will be a good day or not & I seem to be accomplishing so much less now. Everything just seems so much effort. I’m seeing my Neuro later today (gosh, just realised the time & I still can’t sleep!). Not expecting any answers, but so much in need of some positive direction. I do hope the cbt is helpful for you - I’ve heard really good reports of how it has helped others with managing things. Let us know how you get on & take good care. We’re all here for you. Bren2 x

hi breb, thankyou for your lovely post,i wish you well for your app,hope it goes well for you,and yes i will let you know,it is a releif to talk about symptoms,and how we relate to our gps,our family and friends,it’s just the limbo land ,is so tough,but feeling believed is worth it’s weight in gold any day,take care. love bozxxx