Have I or haven't I??

Hi everyone, I’m a newbie & this is my 1st post.

I’m in limbo land at the moment, I’m a 41yr old woman, wife, mother, Nurse & Holistic Therapist. I’ve had neuro symptoms for 6mths now, I’m dropping things, muddling my speech, unsteady on my feet sometimes & have episodes of blurred vision. My gp has suggested MS but I’m currently on the treadmill of hosp appointments & having some days better than others. I was signposted to this group by a lady with MS and hope to learn lots by looking through the forums etc.

much luv Blissfull x

Hi Blissful

I’m in Limboland too, it’s not a fun place to be and for the majority of people is a long old road but I have learned to be as relaxed as possible about it all. I’m 48, wife and mother too, where are you with your journey? Have you had any neuro appts yet, any scans etc? It’s all a bit overwhelming sometimes but I just put my head down and wait, wait, wait :0).

Sarah xx

Hello! Another wife and mum here, also a Holistic Therapist (you may have guessed that I do Reiki. I’m a Teacher/Practitioner). What therapies do you do? I’m somewhat in limboland, with an FND diagnosis but a referral back to neurology. This can be like taking a Degree in patience!

Hi there, welcome! I agree - try to just go with it, rather than getting upset, worried or frustrated. So much easier to say than do, I know! As long as the medics who are looking after you are actually looking after you, treating you with care and respect, that I’d, otherwise do fight for that! The rounds of testing, scanning, prodding and poking can be a hard road, but MS is such a pesky thing, and the brain still so unmapped, that it’s not a quick, easy diagnosis.

i trawled the boards here for a long time before joining a couple of days ago - I think it’s a good place to be - and you’re not alone now!

Take care -


Arghhh I spent ages typing a reply then it said the site was experiencing problems & couldn’t post! anyway to cover the essentials, I’m seeing neuro on 12sep but as it’s my first appt im not sure much will happen but I can wish. I’ve seen eye clinic recently and they said my eyes were ok, im still having blurred vision so was a bit disappointed when eye clinic never referred me for a head scan but I guess neuro will. I’m on holiday this week and my mixed words are very much worse, for example I said we should wrap the sandwiches in cotton wool when my brain was saying tin foil! Very frustrating!!

reikiblossom I also practice Reiki, it never fails to amaze my clients which excites me every time! I also offer massage, Indian Head massage, ear candling & TFT thought field therapy. I live in York and have found an MS support group in York which I will look into if I need to.

let’s hope this one posts lol x

Reikiblossom I have replied to ur pm but it failed to send. I’m on holiday at the moment so using limited wifi & my phone. Plus I’m new so my posts need approval. I will keep trying Hun x

Hi Blissful

My first neuro appt is 10th Sept so it would be interesting to compare notes after they’ve been done, am a bit nervous about the actual appt but I sure it will be fine. You’ll have to let me know how you get on.

i so wish I lived in York, I’d be booking a massage in. One of my friends at work stood behind my chair recently and started to give my shoulders a quick massage as I was stressing out about something and she said my muscles felt like rocks and as I’m not a body builder I didn’t think that sounded like a good thing. I think I’ve got used to it but all of my muscles seem tight these days, particularly my neck and shoulders and left calf (weird!). I’ve never had a massage before, is there anything you’d recommend particularly?

Sarah xx

Hi Sarah, yes let’s compare notes it will be good to see how diff docs deal with us. I’m taking my notes with me, I’ve kept a very basic symptom diary and I find it interesting to read back that in June I dropped the whole kitchen drawer over the floor & how this week I suggested we wrap our sandwiches in cotton wool when I actually meant and was thinking tin foil!! A funny example but it happens lots every day it’s very frustrating.

With regards to massage it’s tricky with an undiagnosed client. Massage stimulates blood & lymphatic flow and it can irritate nerves. So it’s a but of a grey area really, ideally I would want a letter from clients GP to give consent, but that costs the client money & for us with neuro symptoms it’s prob for the most part ok. For you I would recommend an aromatherapy massage or a hot stone massage, I would suggest deep tissue at this point. If ur carrying a lot of stress & some worry I would highly recommend a Reiki treatment, spiritual & non invasive.

much live Blissfulll x

Thanks Blissful, I shall take your advice and get something booked in :0)

Sarah xx

I would also highly recommend Reiki as it is the safest holistic (for body, mind, emotions and spirit) therapy I know of and I’ve been practicing for 15 years and trying many various others for a tad longer. Of the others I’ve tried, Shiatsu - with an experienced practitioner - may be helpful. I’ve also tried and can recommend Acupuncture, Reflexology,The Bowen Technique,Amatsu,NLP (more for mental/emotional challenges) and Aromatherapy Massage. These I’ve had experience of being treated with. May you find what is right for you!