First attack - looking for information

Hi… I’m not 100 percent sure that I have ms… I have had a lot of symptoms over the last month and the doctors are saying they think that’s what it is… About a month ago I woke up with pins and needles all over my body after being perfectly healthy… Over about 5 days it went from an odd feeling to loss of function in my hands… Inability to tell where my arms were… (For example I’d wake up with a weight on my head and not realise it’s my arm) after about 10 days the symptoms started to fade… Along with iv steroid treatment to help and now I have function back but still a tingling feeling and aching in my hands… I had an mri which showed a swelling at the top of my spine and a lumber puncture which shows slightly increased ontological bands? (Is that right?)

i have researched a bit and read information about Ms and symptoms etc but my major concern is this… Most cases iv read about online describe symptoms in one part of the body starting gradually where as my experience was that it was all over very quickly… Does this mean I have a severe case? Can I expect this feeling in my hands to ever go away? I know these are things I need to ask my doctor but I can’t see a neurologist for another 3 weeks and my general doctor is being very vague and evasive :frowning: any advice or maybe even to hear others experienced would be much appreciated

thanks in advance x

Hi Lisa, welcome to the forum.

I’m guessing that you feel pretty scared at the moment, which is understandable - weird things are happening to your body, and there’ll be all sorts of questions & worries going round your head. I don’t know if this will be of comfort or not, but it’s hard to answer your questions. One of the hallmarks with MS is that it’s a very variable disease, and is hard to predict. Although we’ll share lots of similarities, no two people are exactly alike. So I wouldn’t read too much into what you see on the internet. But having said that, please ask us any questions you have. I’m sure there will be people with similar experiences to you, and knowing you’re not alone can be very comforting.

Sorry I can’t help more


hi lisa

welcome to the mad house.

neurological conditions are widely variable except that they can all be very scary for the person whose life they have invaded.

you might not have ms or be diagnosed with it.

honestly you just have to wait and see what happens next.

keep a symptom diary though and if possible see your gp so that it all gets onto your medical records.

your gp can help with symptom management by prescribing meds and referring you on to services such as the bowel and bladder clinic, physio, OT etc.

wish i could be of more help

mindfulness meditation is a very useful tool, gp may be able to refer you to a course or you can download stuff.

now go off and do something that makes you happy

carole x

Thank you for your replies… I don’t know about everyone else but for me it’s the not knowing what will happen that is the scary part! Keeping a diary hadn’t occured to me but I think I will do that… I have a 5 month old baby and not being able to look after him was the worst part for me… Although I can now… Stinky nappies and all! Lol I just hope I get to be a mummy to him the way I want to be and the attacks are few and far between… I guess that’s what everyone hopes for… Anyway thanks again I’ll maybe have more questions once iv seen the doctor but for now I appreciate the support


Thank you for your replies…I don’t know about everyone else but it’s the not knowing that’s the scary part for me! Keeping a diary is a good idea though I think I will do that. I have a 5 month old baby and it was not being able to look after him or pick him up and cuddle him that was the hardest for me… But I am able to now stinky nappies and all :slight_smile: I just hope I can be a mummy to him like I want to be and that the attacks are few are far between… I guess we all do.

I will probably have more questions once I have a proper diagnosis but for now it’s just nice to know there is support out there