what's wrong with me?

Hi, my name is Lynn. I haven’t got a clue what’s wrong with me.I had pins and needles in my hands, then feet as well then it quickly took over my whole body. the feeling of wearing the tightest corset ever made out of sandpaper was awful. struggled to breathe. That went after 5/6 weeks but I am left with a burning pain in my hands and numbness in my face.Blurry vision from time to time.A tight feeling around my arms and truly exhausted.Had endless blood tests, an mri and a lumbar puncture. Mri showed a couple of lesions and seeing the consultant next week who i’m hoping will tell me about the lumbar puncture. Had a course of B 12 injections. It’s been 10 weeks since this started and so frustrated. I can’t use hands to well. Trying to do buttons and zips is almost impossible .Given up trying to wear jeans. scissors feel like an alien concept.Every day feels like a battle. worried about hospital appointment next week. Worried that it may be ms but also worried that if it isn’t that I’d then have to have more tests.Really just having a moan. Just fed up.

Hi Lynn, Just to say I know how your feeling I started exactly the same way back in May haven’t had face troubles but got the ms hug and weakness In my legs is starting up again. The hands thing is a nightmare writing, typing, buttons etc is getting ridiculous my husband and kids find it most amusing in a nice way … Quick don’t let mam carry it due to the amount of things I have dropped! Have your fingers locked? That really hurts, it’s happened a few times to me! I’m not diagnosed either but had a course of iv steroids that haven’t helped me unfortunately, I get another MRI in a few weeks and I’m off work at the moment. Keep your chin up and get plenty of rest! Susan x

You are in the worst spot right now - Limbo - waiting for the next boot to drop! I was all at sea too waiting for the results, not knowing whether to hope for a diagnosis or not. I got a strange relief when I finally was given my Dx as at least now I knew what I was up against. I hope you get your dx soon, whatever the result of your tests you’ve come to a good site for questions, support and laughter (often through the tears :wink: ) Good luck and keep us posted Clarexxx

Hi Lynne, and welcome to the site :slight_smile: This site is full of people who really do understand what you’re going through. And we all know it sucks :frowning: So ((((((hugs)))))) from me. I’m sure you’ll get some answers from your neuro next week, but in the meantime perhaps it will help you to know that when MS attacks like this, it gradually gets a lot better and sometimes completely better. How long this takes does vary between people and between attacks for the same person. The attack that led to my diagnosis lasted about 3-4 months. So some improvements in your symptoms may be just around the corner. I certainly hope so. Karen x