Firefly electric w/c that becomes mob scooter!

Check this out… and scroll down a bit to see video’s of it in action. Amazing!

Pat xx


Wow! Amazing the different things now to make life a bit easier.

Sun here today, how you are doing OK.

Pam x

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Wow…that’s fantastic Pat!

Nina xx


Pat - when l read the title l automactically thought that WC was a loo! - so thought at last a scooter that has its own commode!!! Just what l have always wanted.


They’re fantastic, saw them a while ago, my piggy bank is on the go for if I land up in a wheelchair, I’ll want one!!! If I don’t need a wheelchair I’m sure I’ll find something else to spend it on.

We’ve had lovely weather today too, let’s hope it lasts…

Cath x

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Now that would be an innovation!!! xx


lf you add up all the extras that you need it is quite expensive. lt says it is not to be used on the public highway - so if you are on a footpath - the law is 4miles an hour. l have to keep to the road on my Tramper as that is 8mph. And l do have Road Tax [free].

TGA do a smashing big 3 wheeler scooter - that looks like a motorbike. And like the Tramper they have seats that turn to the side to assist in getting on and off.

Can anyone give advice and info on the best travel scooter to buy? So many on the market.