Finding some grit

Woke this morning, struggling to function as usual. My left leg is messed up & my right is following suite. Too weak to do anything, but pushing myself more than ever to stay away from sofa city & the bullshit media.

Supping my coffee with a spoon full of Baking Sofa. Looking at the green smoothie chaser.

Thinking what’s on Terry’s agenda for today.

A twinkle of an idea, sparked me to get on my toes & put up some fairy lights to brighten my mood. It’s made me start to giggle.

I’m ready for the onslaught of sarcastic crap from the daily dim witts surrounding me.

Going to crank up the volume on my studio gear & drown out the frenzied mob.

Hi Terry,

Only realised you’d posted on here after I sent you that PM lol

Sorry to hear that your right leg has now followed suit of your left that’s not good at all but it is good that you’re trying to push yourself to keep going (please don’t over do it) and not end up on sofa city which alas is where I’ve spent a lot of time lately because the heat was totally wiping me out, thank goodness we’ve had a break of it today.

Ah, baking soda in your coffee now I understand lol but what’s the green smoothie chaser?

A ‘twinkle’ of an idea haha I like that - how lovely putting up some fairy lights and I’m glad they brightened your mood :slight_smile:

Ignore them ‘dim wits’ and do what you got to do.

Twinkle Toes x

Aww Terry poor you , I hope that you feel better soon . I’m sure that you are drinking your wonderful homemade garlic and cider vinegar cocktails. Love Michelle and Frazer xx

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TT the green smoothie chaser is a glorious blend of Apple, Pear, Kiwi, Cucumber, Spinach, Ginger, Ginseng & a load of multi vitamins. It clears the way for all the junk I eat & I eat lots. My body is obviously using the ingredients, because I’ve been put on some weight. From a very feeble 9 stone to a much healthier 13 stone. Carrying that much needed weight, has improved the building of some muscles. I dropped to 9st on the medication & nearly died a few times. And since seeking help, I decided to go with my gut instinct. So I steer clear of medical help & improved my diet & exercise. Very glad I did too. Life is much better, when we listen to the person who knows their own body. Terry

Thanks. I’ve been trying to much Michelle. Glad of a bit of rain. I love the sun though. It’s that bloomin heat. Once it takes hold, it kicks butt with PPMS. Not sure why though. Keeping the core temperature down, is quite important I think.

Terry, you keep grinding away.

We are clever, illness is stupid.