Finally pregnant, and now?

Dear All,

I 'd like to have some advice about the best way to deal with the next months, and some of the decisions I will have to make.

Briefly, I have MS since 2012, I have been trying to face this illness in the most positive way (this is the reason why at the end I decided to have a baby ) and thanks to an healthy diet/exercise/physio I have been able to manage my symptoms well enough.

My questions now are more about what women with MS face when they are pregnant, but especially I am interested in your experience in the way the healthcare system (midwifes/doctors but also your neurologist) deals in such situations

for example: Are the doctor more incline to suggest programmed C-section rather than natural birth? Is the epidural a feasible option for women with MS ?

Are we subjected to more periodical scans despite not being consider a high-risk category?

If any relapse occurs, who should be contacted first?

Based on your experience should I start the treatment immediately after birth or try to breast feed as long it is possible(my preferred option)? Ideally I would like to have a scan as soon as possible after the birth to understand if there is any new activity and hopefully this should help me to make a decision, but of course this will depend by the neurologist

In a couple of weeks I’ll start my appointments in the hospital, and in September I’ll meet the MS nurse and I’d like to be prepared about what to ask.

Any suggestion will be much appreciated

Many Thanks


From what I’ve heard from forums is that Ms is good during pregnancy but most tend to relapse within a few weeks of having the baby. Their advice was to start back on treatment straight away after birth.

Hello Maria, How are yer ? Congratulations !!! No advice for you, but there’s another thread five down about Labour options. Seems you guys are about the same time gone… maybe you can encourage/support each other/compare notes. Hope it all goes well. … take care of yourself, Andy

Hi maria

A little on my experience.

I actually felt the best I’ve ever felt when I was pregnant.almost forgot I had bladder was fun towards the end but that’s probably normal for most mums.

I had hoped for a normal birth but my son had other ideas and got a little tangled up in cord so I had to have a caesarean.

I had two lot’s of epidural which I was actually grateful for although my legs went a little crazy whilst it was wearing off.

My mistake after giving birth was not resting enough due to trying to be a perfect first time mum.Ilooking back I wish I had slept when he did.

At four months post I had a relapse but not a bad one that didn’t last long at all.

If your neuro thinks you are able to give birth naturally please do.recovery after a caesarean for me personally was really tough

I breast fed for 5 months but had to stop as my milk started crying up.

Most importantly please don’t worry too much. Relax,take it easy and enjoy the amazing experience of being pregnant.

Wishing you all the best

Becky x

P.s I gave birth in Greece so can’t say what the experience would be like in the u.k.much better I would think!!

*drying up!!

Many Thanks,

All my friends (with babies) are suggesting doing a C-section, but I am not totally convinced, anyway as you said most of the time is not up to us.


Hi Carraboy,

Thank you!!



close relative with m.s. had a baby 6 months ago.

The fact she had m.s. was not regarded as much of an issue - no extra pre-natal appointments - no suggestion that she should have a section because she had m.s.

She had a straightforward ‘normal’ delivery. Slight relapse three months later - now recovered - still breast-feeding.-

Delaying going on to DMD’s as planning to try for another baby soon.

when i had my daughter many years ago now,i had only been diagnosed with the ms 6 weeks before i got pregnant,i felt quite ill first 3 months,middle 3 i felt wonderful, last 3 not quite as good, but not that bad, i had a 19 hour labour with NO pain relief,had an amazing birth,i really did enjoy the birth… i had a relapse when my daughter was 6 weeks old,which was quite hard,but i got through with help,and then didnt relapse for 8 years.

try and rest as much as you can,when you can especially after the birth, i overdid it quite a lot,which didnt do me any good,and most of all enjoy this time.good luck with it all…such an exciting time for you.

J x