Hi all.

Saw a great film yesterday…The Revenant.

What a film too! Set in what could`ve been Northern Canada. It snowed all the time, frozen rivers, torrents, the lot.

Leonardo gave a fantastic performance…frozen, starving, dragged through icy waters, mauled by a bear, shot at by native indians, and buried alive to boot!

It took some stamina just to watch, as we had to sit right up close to the screen.

Our cinema has 9 screens. In screens 1-4, people in wheelchairs, can go in a lift to the top and be in the back row of the seating.

In screens 5-9, there are no upper seats for me, so we have to sit at the front. Very neck aching and a bit dizzifying at times.

This cinema is newly built, I wish they had put upper places for wheelchairs in every screen.

But, yeah, a good film. Made me seep well at home last night!

luv Pollx

Sounds like a good film , not keen really keen on Leonard myself but seeing him buried alive might be fun. our cinema is good for wheelchairs the spaces are in the middle of the theatre so a pretty good view a shame the toilet is so small only just enough room to get a chair in never mind turn it round i am lucky i can get out of it by

Good to get out of the house and have some popcorn.

Take care katy

Hi, thought I would reply as only just joined today so need to be verified. Anyway it is good to get out and I too have to use a wheelchair when out and having to plan about where you can go and of course the toilets is very important but I am glad you get out.

Take Care Polly

Hi Polly and welcome.


I’m on wheels myself & I hate it when having to sit at the front. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t like going to Cineworld, the biggest cinema where I am (that, plus it’s so expensive). Thankfully though, we’re lucky enough to have the country’s finest independent cinema in Sheffield, and the seats are all at the back or middle (and it’s loads cheaper too).

Anyway, I went there today to see another Oscar contender, Room. And what a film that is too! If you only watch one of the Oscar nominations this year, watch Room. Really, really watch Room. A proper humdinger of an emotional rollercoaster, in every sense of the word. Heartbreaking, funny, tense, joyously happy, gut wrenching, bittersweet, beautifully tender & ultimately life affirming. Not cried (in a good way) as much as that at a film for a very long time. We were all emotional wrecks afterwards : )


Sounds a good film and it is one I wanna see.

We have a quaint old type cinema in our small town too. But it doesnt have the choice of times the mutli cinema has. But it does show the latest films.

Have you got a CEA card? It gets your carer in free!


I’ve read the book. It’s brilliant, in a totally terrible way.

I haven’t even tried to go to the cinema in a wheelchair. Partly because my chairs not that comfortable. I hadn’t even thought about the problem about sitting at the front and getting neck ache.

Sky Movies is at least nice and comfy.


But it is an outing for me…one I so look forward to each week.


Thanks Polly. I don’t tend to go to the cinema as I tend to fall asleep to easily whilst watching films in a cinema atmosphere but if I go the pub I or out to eat I get out of my wheelchair and sit in a normal seat as I find if I am ink my chair for too long I get too stiff and can’t move.

Polly x