good film (not ms)

just been to cinema to watch django unchained.

a lot of violence as to be expected from tarantino but the violence was justified with the plot being about slaves and a bounty hunter.

brilliant comedy moments too especially with the klu klux klan not being able to see through the eye holes in their hoods!

went for a meal at frankie and bennies and had a good catch up with my friend beforehand

wow thank you orange wednesdays!

carole x

Thanks for that Carole, I shall add it to my list.

My sister took me to see ‘The Impossible’ for Orange Wednesday (not my type of thing, I must admit). I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone feeling a bit down and tissues are a must!

Saw The Life of Pi last week and it was very good, absolutely stunning visually.

Mags xx

Hi Ladies - recently watched both. Django was absolutely brilliant - I am not normally a Tarintino fan…but The impossible - you are so right about the tissues, I cried and cried and cried. I thought it was very very good tho.x

Hi, I saw Django (the d is silent!) a couple of weeks ago.

Thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked the humour of Dr Scuhlz.

Yes, it is quite violent, but it seemed to fit. I didnt like the mandingo fighting. had to look away, but you heard the bones crunching…ugh!

I go to flix most Thurdays and for lunch in one of the new restaurants at Halifax`x new Plaza complex.

Saw Ill give it a year` yesterday. Hilarious and rude too!

luv Pollx


i’m going to see life of pi this week. i have 2 friends that i go to cinema with.

sheenagh wont watch tarantino because she doesnt like the violence, so we’re going to see life of pi.

janet will watch almost anything but next time i go with her we are going to watch either beautiful creatures or warm bodies.

2 friends who i love dearly and they are chalk and cheese re film choices.

carole x

I must admit, I’m really looking forward to World War Z, but I do love a good zombie film.

life of pi is a really good film carol58. im sure you will enjoy it.

django i enjoyed also.

I went to see “I give it a year " after a lovely lunch at Frankie and Bennys and though it was hilarious - going to the cinema in the afternoon is one of the " perks” of having to give up work due to MS !!

next cinema trip is to see “song for Marion” in a couple of weeks time - and need to plan where to go for lunch then

Judy x