Festival of Quilts

I have never seen so many disability scooters at an event before, which led me to thinking some ms-ers must have been at the NEC yesterday.

I got took along by a friend and really didn’t expect to be so enrapt with the exhibition of quilts.

I find it hard to pick a favourite but I thought the first prize winner of the miniature quilt competition was amazing and I loved the Dutch quilt picturing dancing ladies on the winners wall.

The colours and textures were mesmerising and I was quite inspired by the quilts where different people make a block each and they all get put together to form a quilt…did any of you go to the show?

OH Gill, this is right up my street! Except that the NEC is physically nowhere near my street, unfortunately!

I got interested in quilting last year, when I was looking for a new interest. Sis and me joined our local quilters group.

I won`t say I am anything like as good a quilter as the ones who made the quilts you saw at the NEC. But I am having fun with my latest hobby.

I have made several knee quilts and given them to friends who say they are amazed at my skills. I`ve also made quilted bags, dolly cots and covers, plus other small things.

Sis helped me with a large quilt to celebrate my and hubbys 40th wedding anniversary. Weve also just completed a pale gold and cream quilt for my daughter`s 4oth birthday.

So are you all fired up to get quilting then?

its a fab hobby. We pick up suitable fabric in lots of places.

luv Pollx

Oh Poll,

How strange that you replied!

I thought about you yesterday as I nearly didn’t get to the show, because one thing after another went wrong.

At one point I sat on the floor outside the NEC and wiped the sweat off my face, and lo and behold a lovely man came and put my scooter together for me when I got there. I am learning to accept help amd be really grateful. All the scooters had been booked out, so it was cheaper to take my own but I’ve always had my husband to set it up previously and I didn’t realise I wouldn’t have the strength.

My friend is into quilting and as you say, I need to think about new interests and I used to be really creative before I got enmeshed in work and family. (like 25 yrs ago)

Poll it was breathtaking. I was like a small kid, spinning 3 point turns to get closer to everything.

I spent a flaming fortune on the most fabulous exotic patching fabric (and I was restrained) I was surprised how hepful the stall holders were, lots of them hold craft days with disabled access. So I hope to try fabric painting in the near future.

I like the thought of starting with a lap quilt as I seem to do a lot of snuggling these days. I think it may be an achievable place to start…but I am dreaming of gold and cream quilts now, and wondering what yours looks like. I am excited that you only started quilting last year and yet you have achieved so much already.

I’m still totally done in after yesterday, I’ve never spent so much time on my scooter and I’m very sore now…but my dreaming is so colourful, and bright. I deffo feel a spark Poll xx

Hi, I feel all excited for you! I have a close MS buddy in USA. She is very creative and has been sorting out her fabric and stuff. As she is moving and downsizing, she is getting rid of a lot of stuff…wish I could see it all…the cost of posting it would be sky high. She did send me a few things and yes, it cost an arm and a leg to post it.

Look out for fabric in charity shops eg duvets, sheets, curtains. The thing with quilting is…anything goes. As regards wadding, I find 2oz easier to get on with than 4oz. When putting fabric through your sewing machine, go slowly to avoid puckering! My sis paid £17 for a special quilting foot for her machine. She says it is so fiddly to fit and the ordinary foot works better!

Enjoy your new hobby!

luv Polllx