Hi gang!

Carer Becky (Best Bev is still off) took heart cushions to th`ospital this am…12 of em in pairs…hope they help in some small way.

Now I`m on with mask making for local hospices.

Cant keep me off that sewing machine…oh but it does make a chuffin mess.

Keeps me off the streets…worst place to be now anyroad!


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Made 13 masks now. 7 drying on the line outside.

Doing my bit for the war effort.


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Wow Bouds,

That’s fantastic. Every little bit is helping the country at this awful time.

Keep sewing.

Jen x

And this is why I admire the Brits. Over here in the US, everyone’s just sitting around whining.

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I feel like Im doing my bit for the war` effort.


Hey Nora, I watch a lot of sewing tutorials on Youtube and the Americans are great at crafting.


That’s fantastic, Bouds. Where do you get your material and pattern? I might join you.


Well done Bouds, good on you. Don’t suppose you happen to know where I can find a knitting pattern for small hearts that the NHS has been using.? Ell

I got a lot of fabric from The Range before covid hit.

Ordered some on line and it should have come yesterday…hopefully it will come Tuesday.

No patterns used…watch you tube for great tutorials.

Heart knitting pattern…look at you tube

as you can tell…Im youtube mad! Its brill for ANYTHING!