FES Foot Drop System

Hi, my name is Sue, I have Primary Progressive MS, I use a FES which is good but quite cumbersome. I have seen one on ‘Stress no more’ XFT-2001D Foot Drop System, as it is quite expensive I wonder if anyone has one or has any knowledge of it…any feedback would be great.



Sadly, I have no experience of the Chinese FES, but there are different versions of the Odstock FES available that might suit your needs, depending on the exact problem.

The cuff can be used with the wireless version.

Thanks for that, I have looked at the Odstock and thought they were similar to the NHS one I have, wires everywhere with a pad under my heel etc, didn’t realise they could also be wireless. However, I was a little surprised to see from your link that the expected service life is just 1 year!

It might be worth contacting Odstock to see if they can provide a solution to your dilemma and perhaps get an idea of the costs involved. I agree the life expectancy of the cuff is surprising and needs further explanation.

The WalkAide and Bioness are a couple of American versions, but I expect you have checked these out already.

I hope you find a workable solution.

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Hi Sue

If you already have an Odstock Pace unit with the wires and a switch under an insole, (which is what I assume by you’re saying you have the NHS version), you could contact Odstock and see if you can upgrade to their wireless version. You can get a version that has a wire from the Pace unit at your waist to the electrodes at your calf but the walk signal from your foot to the unit is wireless.

This would cost around £300 to upgrade to. Or of course they have leg cuffs that again might require a supplemental payment. But it’s worth seeing if you can upgrade what you’ve already got. Have a look at


Appreciate all your help…many thanks.

Just to say I went for the XFT 2000D Foot Drop system, really pleased with it! The end result is much the same as my NHS Odstock, but it’s simplicity is amazing, I can put it on in less than a minute, just a slim cuff below the knee and the electrodes are automatically in the right place, not a single wire! Just turn on the Bluetooth and ‘bobs your uncle!’…worth every penny!!

Suesimm - just read your post about the XFT2000D, ears immediately pricked up! I am looking to change mine to something wireless, not because I don’t like the one I’ve got, mainly for ease. I put my one on in the morning and take it off when I shower. All is fine until I want to go out in the garden after dinner and I have to get all wired up again. Yes, I know it sounds lazy but I can’t be doing with it. I looked up the one you have and it looks a lot thinner which would also be a bonus, what about replacement electrodes are they expensive and did you have to get it set up by a physio before you could use it? Sorry for all the questions but would be grateful for any information.

I’m loving the sound of that. I don’t know if it would be of help to me though. I’m not even sure if I have foot drop! Some times it feels like it is but other times it doesn’t want to pick up from the floor at all and I have to drag it, or swing my leg out from the hip. It’s a lot of money to spend and get it wrong.

Hi Sue

I think these last two posts are the kinds of thing I was thinking.

When I got my Odstock FES system, there was an initial appointment to make sure it would work for me. Then there were an initial couple of appointments to make certain it was set up correctly for me and that I knew how to operate it.

The Odstock system works by you just phoning and requesting new electrodes, new leads and with any questions or problems. Recently, one of the connections was loose and all I had to do was send the unit back and they fixed it. A couple of years ago I dropped the main unit down the loo (could happen to anyone!) and had to return it for decontamination!!

All I have to do now is attend once a year for an appointment that costs me £300 (grr I’m a private patient as my local NHS service doesn’t pay for FES for people with MS). Any problems are sorted. I have nothing further to pay for. And for someone who isn’t a private payer, there’s never anything to pay.

So my initial cost was £1200 for year one and thereafter £300 per year. And I’m supported by physiotherapists at Odstock with questions and queries. If I want to adjust the settings, I can just phone them.

With the XFD2000D system, do you have any support? How do you get set up with the system? Bearing in mind that stimulating the peroneal nerve is different for everyone.

Plus, what electrodes are used? Where do you get them from? And what do they cost? Equally batteries and any other necessary peripherals?

I totally agree that it looks like a great system, but having been an FES user for quite a while, I wonder how supported the user of the XFD system is. It would be really helpful if you could fill us in on some of these questions as it’s a lot of money to spend.


Hi Sue does this system enable someone to use two cuffs, one around lower leg and one around thigh. It sounds amazing but I have a double unit from Odstock. I wonder if it is possible to try before buying like Odstock? It would be fantastic to get rid of all these wires! Sue