FES for dropped foot

Hi all how you doing hope the snow does not come back to you.

My OT has asked if l had come across the fes function electrical stimulation as my foot drags alone the floor and l have bother lifting it up.

Just wondered if anyone had tryed or have one do you think it works.

Thanks regards Jan

I have used one for over ten years and it definitely works for me. In my opinion they are vastly superior to a traditional splint, because a fes will help to build muscle strength.

I wouldn’t manage without mine, I’m not that great even with it but it means I can get about the house and office with my push along walker or just by holding onto things. I wouldn’t manage this without my FES. Give it a go.

Just got back from Odstock.
Two people spent a lot of time trying some fine tweaking, and concluded that the original setting were the best they could get.
My general mobility has got worse over the last six months, but my timed walk over their test distance has stayed the same with FES. When they turn it off and take the times again, my time goes up considerably. This time FES was 50% faster, and a lot less fear of falling due to foot drag.

I rate FES as the one single thing that makes life more tolerable. If you get the chance, go for it.


TOTALLY,agree with geoff i purchased a walkaide from a very nice lady on this site and the best thing ever for foot drop. Tony…

I only use my fes for walks over 400m because I walk not too badly under that distance.

The effect of my fes wears off quite a bit after about half a mile and my physio doesn’t understand it. I know I’m one of the lucky ones being able to walk that distance, but all my mild symptoms have been getting slightly worse over the past two years. I find the foot switch a bit of a pest going upstairs and pause it.

My MS centre gave me the fes two years ago and expect me to use it more often.

I’ve still got to think about lifting my left foot every step, but only tripped once with it on.


Agree with everyone else’s comments, my FES is great. Just wanted to say I now have a wireless foot switch with my Odstock FES. I think this is even better than the foot switch with wires down to it that I used to have. The wires can’t come out, which they used to do frequently. And when summer comes I will be able to wear skirts again. Disadvantage is you have to wear insoles in both shoes, which mean it’s as if your feet are about half a size bigger.

A Big thank you to you all l will see mt OT soon and ask her if l can go for a fitting. I do worry a bit about the cost but will see what she says.

I have to go to the hosptial for a strap on my foot will print some info and ask the dr there.

Thank you all again regards Jan xx

Used one for ages until the Hyperextension in my knee got so bad I had to start wearing a brace and couldn’t use the FES. Worked very well. You’ll need to get it from a specialist as they tweak it to make your walking the best it can be.