Hi guys l have been to have a go at the fes and l think it helped, so now waiting to see if my gp will fund it, fingers Xed Regards Jan

Hi Jan,what was the name of the one that you tried? I tried walkaid but found that it did not really work as my foot drop problem is caused by spasticity in calf as opposed to weakness.

Moyna x

Hi Jan, hope you get the funding, I’ve been on FES for about 3 years now. It’s been brillant for me. Tim

Hi Tim. l do hope l get funding as it allso helped my knee it jerks backwards as l step through so l end up with a sore knee . l would like to ask you l forgot to ask lady does it work ok to go upstairs as we still live in a house and does it make the buzz noise all the time you are walking. Regards Jan

Hi all l have just had aphone call from the Drs they have said that my request for funding has been passed for the FES l am so pleased as my knee is getting very sore with it jerking backwards. I will let you know l get on, Regards Jan xx

Hi Jan

I am so pleased for you, should make things better for your

poor knee.

Pam x

I have been using a fes for prob around 10 years. It has and still does help considerably. I assume you are talking about Salisbury fes Ithe noise should hv been switched off by the clinician, and yes it will help going upstaires. Takes a bit of getting used to but well worth it. So persevere with it and good luck I hope it helps you as it helped me.

I was thinking of buying one but not sure which is best?


I was thinking of buying one but not sure which is best?


My FES is provided by the NHS, so suggest you try this route first.

thank you x

thank you x

Hi all just to let you know l have been today to pick up my FES feels funny to use but will let you know how l get on two hours today three sat and so on regards Jan

Good luck and keep us posted Jan, I have my first physio appointment on Monday so I’m going to ask about it :slight_smile:

Sonia x

I got mine through my local ms rehab centre and HHS funded. My ms physio allways moans that I don’t use it often enough and there’s patients waiting for them. I believe there’s a wireless one being used, bot my fes has leads/ pads.John.

Hi Foghorn Leghorn,

There is a wireless FES device on sale now.

However, I would like to make it clear that it’s only the foot-switch that’s wireless, the pads are still wired (…which completely defeats the object “wireless” in my book ).

I went to the Salisbury FES clinic last month for a checkup and spoke to the specialist about this. He said that the only true “wireless” alternative at present is to have receivers (instead of pads) SURGICALLY implanted in the leg.

I told him that was an option I wouldn’t even consider !!

He did point out that a few patients had already purchased the “wireless” device - and I don’t doubt that it may be an improvement for some. In all honesty, I saw no advantage to me …and a chunk of unnecessary outlay!!

Best of luck to all whatever you decide suits you best ?!!


I had my physio appointment, she was really good (I was with her for an hour and 20mins) - She’ll be in touch again about going in to try a FES although she was very honest and said she’s not too sure it’ll work for me but we can try :slight_smile: In the meantime, I’m just starting my Baclofen so wish me luck guys…

Sonia x

When going upstairs the FES stimulates the leg and becomes difficult because the foot switch is switched off by pressure on the heel. Going upstair your heel doesn’t land properly on the step, if at all so the voltage is still applied. I switch it off and as usual sometimes I trip up the steps. I would recommend one for sure. John.

Hi Guys, Had FES 2 weeks now finding it a bit painfull at times. Thanks John not been using it up the stairs more for when l am walking about. Physo said l had not got it turned up right to make my leg muscle work l had it on 20 she said l need it up to 50 l will keep trying, anything to help me walk. felt funny when l was stood at the sink peeling the spuds hands in water leg tingleing as l moved my weight about. Sonia l take one baclofen at night don t no if that works. Take care all regards Jan xx

Has anyone been to Saliburyfes? They have an FES that is implanted into the leg.

Moyna xxx