Hi there, I have footdrop and my physio tried me with FES, I know I am lucky to have been given the chance but I found it rather uncomfortable, especially when prancing round my kitchen, somehow the belt dial turned up and had me jumping in the air, I also find the wires were so cumbersome. I have googled the internet and found a website where you can get a wireless FES which at first I was excited about, BUT then I found out the cost £4500 - Can you believe it? Does anyone know of any FES that is easy and comfortable to use?


I find the wires are simple to deal with when compared to the inconvenience of not being able to walk, but there is a wireless version due out soon. Why not send a mail to odstockmedical.com and find out the current position. It’s bound to be less expensive than the American versions.

I have been advised by NHS neurophysio to use FES for footdrop but it is not available on the NHS in my area so will have to go through the local MS Therapy centre, pay upfront and then apply for funding later (as it is appproved by N.I.C.E.). So it would be great to hear any feedback on if it is worth it… Cxx

It’s worth every penny if it works for you, so a decent assessment and trial is essential before buying.

I have been using (FES) for approx two years, it does help, but I can’t say it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

The older model from Ostock, works better than their new model.

I have the new model, but was my assessment was with the older model, which was much better.

Take care.

Chris R.

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I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

Sorry, should read.

I have the new model, but my assessment was with the older model, which was much better.

We may get the preview working, one day, or may be never.

Chris R.