WalkAide FES

I know it’s a long shot but is anyone selling a WalkAide FES device?

These are so expensive and I would require two!!

I’ve had the initial trial with physiofunction and it does work for my drop foot but the prices WOW!!

You might get funding for an Odstock Medical FES. They also have an option for a 2 channel one to operate both your feet. I have tried the walkaid and fount the odstock one better. I am going to have to but mine because I cant get funding. It is about £1000 I think.

Moyna xxx

I get my Odstock FES on the NHS, so might be worth looking into this possibility first, before parting with your cash.


Thank you very much Moyna for your advice. I was initially thinking walkaid as they are wireless but I’m going to look into the Odstock FES especially if they do a 2 channel one.

Anyone else got experience or advice on FES machines please.


Thanks for your reply. I am awaiting an NHS appt such a long wait I got a bit impatient and had a private appt with physio function but the machines are so expensive. I’ll just wait till the NHS appt I I know they work now so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for funding.

I don’t want to sound like a salesman for Odstock, but they do a wireless version and a dual channel model, which might suit you better. I got referred by my GP and things moved quite quickly, although that was thirteen years ago.

I hope your patience is rewarded.

Thanks very much, I got referred for a nhs FES assessment in Oct and told it could possibly be end of April/May but I’ll sit tight and wait patiently as going down the private route is far too expensive! Hey if Odstock are looking for salesmen get yourself in there :wink: