Foot Drop System

Has anyone used the foot drop system.I just wondered as they are a lot of money but if it helps its going to be worth the money for me.Many Thanks Daisy

You’ll need to specify which foot drop system you’re talking about Daisy. There are many. If you mean FES, equally there are several different types. In some areas of the U.K., one type (usually only the Odstock system) is available on the NHS, but not all.


It’s the XFT-2001D FES Foot Drop System.has really good reviews online

That one sounds interesting but costs about £1,700 the Odstock Medical Pace FES ODFS® Pace Kit | Odstock Medical Ltd (OML) might be obtained through NHS although some authorities will not fund it. You may need a business case that identifies how much the NHS will save by reduced A&E or mental health costs over the long term.

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What is a foot drop system? I’m new to ms and I have this problem. At the moment, I just make sure I think about my feet all the time, especially when I’m walking up a flight of stairs. Is it something to attach to my foot to stop it from dropping?

L300 Foot Drop System is a revolutionary medical device that may help you regain mobility and independence. The system’s gait sensor adapts to changes in walking speed and terrain, allowing you to walk easily on stairs, grass and carpet.i have just ordered one and it will be here Wednesday so I will let you all know how I get on with it.They are not available on the nhs due to cost issues.

Thanks Daisy,

That looks like an interesting device. Is it easy to use? Do I need to get a physiotherapist to set it up for me or can I just buy one online and then just put it on and start using it?

Please do let me know how you get on with yours when you get it :slight_smile:

Hi there are other options too , such as elasticated ankle cuffs with Velcro connections to your shoe or under foot splints. If you can take a look at Google if Not find someone who can. Plus there will be some useful experience and information here. Mick

Image result for afo orthotics

I typed AFO Orthotics into Google

It’s looks relatively simple to use.You can use it on your own or with a physiotherapist.I will definitely let you all know when I get it Wednesday.

In my opinion it is wise to get a physio/engineer to set up any electrical stimulator. The timing and lift variables are quite complicated. If you look at the Odstock medical website you will find some good information.

I know nothing about the L300 so I might be way off beam, it will be really useful to hear how Daisy gets on.


Thanks Mick. Thanks Daisy. I look forward to hearing how you get on with it :slight_smile:

The options for foot-drop are:

Traditional Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO). This is like the right hand picture Mick googled (why am I not surprised that he googled AFO?). They come in a whole range of designs and fabrics, from steel to nylon. You can get a referral to your NHS hospitals Orthotics Department from your neurologist.

Simple (cheap) nylon / elastic devices like the Foot-up made by Ossur (in Micks first photo) - see Foot-Up® for Drop Foot - Drop Foot Support - Össur Webshop or the Boxia made by Orliman - see Both of these devices cost about £50, but you can get them from your NHS physiotherapist too.

The Silicon Ankle Foot Orthosis (SAFO) is a custom made AFO. The company make a plaster cast of your foot and ankle and construct a perfectly formed silicon ‘boot’. The company who make them is Dorset Orthopaedics - see Dorset-Ortho These are not cheap, in the region of about £800, but they last a long time.

Then there’s Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). There are several companies who make different varieties. Your local NHS service may pay for FES, but it depends on the Community Commissioning Group. Mine for example, Coastal West Sussex does not pay for FES for most people with MS, it has to be an exceptional case, and since we are all different, everyone is exceptional, therefore no one is. The most common FES (and the one most people have funded by the NHS) is Odstock in Salisbury - see The cost of the Odstock version is a strange arrangement whereby you pay £330 per appointment. Odstock provide all equipment and consumables for this, the set up is expensive as you have to have several appointments, but thereafter just one appointment per year.

Obviously, there are other FES systems available, for example the system Daisy is buying. The only problem I can see with buying a system is who supports you in its use? If your physiotherapy department doesn’t know how to, will the company who sells you the equipment support you with set up and ongoing issues?

I’ve tried most of these foot drop solutions. I have a SAFO, and Odstock FES, Foot-up and Boxia. I also tried a traditional AFO as well as a nylon ‘Neurodyn’ orthotic - (useless!) Because I can’t walk much, I’m actually thinking about giving up on FES and sticking to basic Foot-up and Boxia types of solutions. They’re simple to use and cheap to replace.

Interestingly, Professor Giovannoni has just posted this on the Barts Blog: Foot drop – Multiple Sclerosis Research Blog It’s a small study comparing traditional AFO with FES. It’s utimately inconclusive as there was a high drop out rate from both groups of users.


Hi I’m just giving you an update on my footdrop system.I had the physio round today and he thinks there is definitely an improvement in my walking when I had it on so I’m happy with that and I really like it.