Feeling Worse Than Ever continued....

Ok so, in my last post a few days ago I mentioned GP had requested lots of bloods. Rang for results today - Creatinine and Vit D flagged up…don’t know any details yet.

Also went to optician today who commented on how dry my eyeballs are.

Dentists for years have commented on dry mouth and I have had a run of teeth/gum issues last few years too.

Sjorgrens flags up…also has symptoms of joint pain as well as dry eyes and mouth.

I often have hoarseness and difficulty swallowing as not enough saliva.

Does anyone here have Sjorgrens?

MS Nurse rang me to discuss MRI results and she said she’s come across quite a few with both that and MS

So basically I’m a box of frogs. Definitely going to hope GP refers me to Rheumatology! Sorry for the whinge but feeling particularly sorry for myself today.

My 16 yr old daughter attempted suicide in December and has since started intensive counselling and anti depressant meds. Sertraline has not helped, and now neither has fluoxetine. Today she had an enormous panic attack and was actually pulling her hair out in anguish and saying that things are getting harder and she can’t do this anymore. She’s still self harming. This is due to a lifetime of having social interaction and speech & language difficulties and masking to try and fit in, every single day of her life since playgroup. She is so very very broken and exhausted and I’m scared I can’t keep her safe.

Which is why I never sleep anymore until the early hours when she does, I think my ‘mama’ mode is on alert until she is asleep and safe!

It is possible that stress has kickstarted another horrible AI condition I suppose.

Being a parent is so scary sometimes…but I wish I could take her pain away!

Oh dear it’s turned into a bit of a pity post. I’m sorry - but husband finds it too hard to talk about, Mum is dealing with Dad with dementia, and I kind of have to get it out in order to help me process it and stay strong for her.

What does Creatinine do anyway?!

Minnie Mouse,

absolutely no idea about Creatinine (would start with Google)

So sorry to hear that you are having a crappy time. It sounds like your family is having a tough time, so no worries about feeling sorry for yourself or writing a pity post. One of the great things about this place is that you can write about how you are feeling and you wont be judged because others have an appreciation of how it might be for you. Sometimes just writing or saying stuff is enough of a share to ease the burden a little bit. I hope that your GP supports you and that things are a bit less rubbish very soon.


Thinking of you all and I hope things get easier soon.


Sorry to hear about your situation, Minnie Mouse, must be exhausting. Hope you are still able to squueze in a smidge of ‘me’ time? Creatinine is one of the indices for kidney function. Sometimes high thro’ dehydration and some other reasons not just kidney stuff.