feeling spaced out and not with it today.....

Just wondering if anyone has days where they feel ‘out of it’ ?? i’m definitely having one of those. my brain is fuzzy and can’t think straight! Everything is a blur/haze and the day has just vanished yet it feels like it’s been a really slow day…

it’ odd feeling like this!!!

Hope you are all having as good a day as you can

Kate x x x

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you! At least i know it’s not me going crazy

It’s a bizarre feeling but i’m really chilled out though which is a good thing!!

I’m seeing the my support nurse next week so going to mention it to her!!!

You take care to

kate x x

ah hadn’ thought of that!! Have had a headache on and off for a good few days now! Will try and remember to mention it to my Dr tomorrow when i see him as on top of everything else keep getting heartburn!!!

Kate x x

Maybe it is just me but sometimes when everything is going crazy at work it is nice for me to be “spaced out” for a while !! Julie x.