coming back into the world

Hi Everybody

I have had two weeks of feeling lousy. I have not done anything for two weeks. I feel like I have taken a holiday from my owe body -very strange. Concentration levels have been at an all time low.

I felt so tired, and my head has been very woolly.

I have the strangest feeling of coming back into my own life?

I hope you continue to improve & before long you’re back to normal…whatever your normal is! There are so many weird sensations with MS, I’ve occasionally had similar feelings myself.

Glad you’re on the mend

Rosina x

Thanks Polar Bear and Rosina for your comments, it is much appreciated.My kids came home from school on Friday, and there were bowls still on the side from breakfast. They all apologised for not tidying away better in the morning. Not one of them asked “what have you done all day”