Feeling sorry for myself!

Am I wrong to want to spend some ‘me time’? Dx last nov after four years, mild’ish symptoms, sensory and weakness of leg. Started betaferon 21/2 months ago. The past 10 days I ‘hurt’. Feel like I have flu and been hit by a bus. Am so tired and confused not knowing if my symptoms are ms or betaferon or something else? I get a pain in my arm, that goes within seconds, then get it in my foot, that goes then get it in my hand etc., my arms hurt to reach upwards. There seems to be something I have to do every day, which is a good thing most of the time as it keeps me going, esp grandchildren, my greatest joy. Spoke to ms nurse a couple of weeks ago due to ‘warm patches’ a new symptom and she thinks I am having a relapse. Got app with her in a couple of weeks. Sorry for moaning, just wanted someone who understands to ‘hear’ me. Hope everyone has a good day, Sue

Hi Sue Dont ever apologise for moaning I think all ms’rs feel like you at some point in their journey with MS. I cant offer you any advice on your symptoms as I feel like you mst of the time, all I can say is rest rest & rest dont try & push through it, it will only make you worse. Sending you a ((((hug)))) to cheer you up Take care Sue x

After 10yrs diagnosed, i am only just realising from reading on here that i can relate to alot of the symptoms that people mention and that in itself is a bit of a comfort.

What ur describing about the mystical pain that comes and goes quickly and moves sites is exactly what i have started feeling this past week, and for that i thank you. At least i know im not imagining these sensations and it is probably the ms.

As said,dont ever apologise for wanting a whinge / moan. as they say, it’s good to share.

Chin up.


It always seems a relief when you hear you are not alone with symptoms and can talk to people who really do understand it, I know it does for me.

My advice is to rest as much as you can ((((((hugs))))))

Pam x


Sorry you are having a rough time. I have just come out of relapse myself and understand how low it makes you feel. I am normally a really positive person (my boss describes me as a Tigger!) but whenever I am in relapse, everything always seems so much more difficult. I am irritable, extra fatigued and find every task another mountain to climb. The only consolation is you do generally come out the other side eventually. You might not be quite the same as when you went in, but you do generally feel a whole lot better eventually!

Hope you feel much better soon.

Boo x

we all need a pity party now and again.

so who’s bringing booze and who’s bringing nibbles?

carole x

Thank you everyone for your replies, it always makes me feel better to talk on here to people who understand what it’s like, makes me feel not so alone. Am definitely up for a pity party!!! Best wishes to all and have a great weekend & mothers’ day Sue x