Feeling scared and alone.

Good evening everyone, I’m new here.

I’m 36 years old, female, and am awaiting an appointment at the hospital for a brain scan to determine if I have MS.

A bit of background: for the last couple of years I have had extended periods of being fatigued, occasional tingling/numb face, frequent migraines, unsteady on my feet.

Over the last 9 months or so things have just been getting worse. I now get terrible aching and shooting pains in my joints, especially my knees, hips, elbows and hands. I am constantly constipated. I am losing my ability to grip things properly: I drop things a lot but I don’t have numbness as such in my hands - just a weak grip, my vision has become a bit “off”, I can sleep and sleep and not feel refreshed.

I’m finding it harder and harder to walk far as my legs hurt so much, I become weak and feel like I’ll fall. I’m depressed, anxious. Even washing my hair in the shower causes such an ache in my arms I have to lower them and crouch down to rest.

I just saw my GP and he said, “Well you walked up the corridor alright!” I felt like a fool who was wasting his time. He has referred me however.

I’m feeling so scared.

Do these symptoms sound at all like any you have suffered?

Many thanks for your time.

Gracie, I must admit that there isn’t much that you have described that accords with my personal experience of having MS. Aches and pains, constipation, feelings of of depression and anxiety, fatigue etc are probably too common to set any kind of neurological alarm bells going on their own, I should think, and you should not be surprised or take it personally if the medics are unimpressed by that sort of stuff - they hear it all 25 times a day in the GP consulting room, day in day out. Unexplained sudden weakness in particular limbs and unexplained visual problems might prompt more interest, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is anything serious amiss. Truly, your GP is the person who knows your case best and his/her opinion will be worth so much more than anything you will read here or anywhere else.


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as you’ll find as you read through the posts within the forum, the symptoms we have, although possibly MS, can be attributed to a myriad of other conditions. Don’t feel like you’ve wasted your GP’s time - you are experiencing symptoms which need to be investigated, so whether or not he thinks you were able to walk up the corridor well, your doctor needs to address that. He has referred you for an MRI which is great. Has he also done blood tests?

my own symptoms started in 2005 when I suddenly started to experience pins and needles in my feet and left hand. Blood tests showed nothing and an MRI came back clear. 12 years later I still have the same symptoms but feel them worsening and more recently also have fatigue, burning sensations and blurred vision in my left eye which my optician said could be optic neuritis. My latest blood tests showed very low vitamin D levels so I’m taking high dose vitamin D capsules now. I do feel like my left arm and leg are weaker and notice I’m a little clumsier than usual. When I’m tired, stressed or anxious my symptoms get much worse. I will persevere with my doctor and tests until a diagnosis is given but I know this may be a long road.

I think you should try to feel reassured that you have your scan being organised. It’s normal to feel scared but do try to relax and lower your stress levels if you can as this may help a little - unfortunately anxiety tends to make any symptoms worse. If you are not doing so already - keep a diary of your symptoms to show your doctor what you are experiencing. I get easily confused when I’m in a face to face situation is having my diary with me helps to make sure I don’t forget to mention anything important.

Julie xxx

Thank you both for your help.