Feeling rotten!

I’m feeling rotten today and rather sorry for myself. I know there are people worse than me, but right now that doesn’t make me feel any better!

ive had a headache since Sunday evening, they occur around every six weeks or so, last two or three days and are resistant to painkillers. When I asked my GP about them he suggested stronger painkillers - co-codamol, they don’t work. Before my neurologist discharged me I asked him too. His response was that it’s just something I will have to put up with.

That’s easy for him, it’s not his head!

its always in the same place, above my left eye, half way between my eyebrow and hairline.

ive tried 4Head and 4Head strips, lying in a darkened room, nothing helps.


its not a competition so dont compare urself to others! u r feeling rough and its ok to have a ‘feeling sorry for self’ day

i have just read another thread-the poem about her mum so i can barely focus to write this!

dont fight-waste of energy. instead do something useful like spare a few minutes to think re others, friends, family, local butcher, anyone… (distraction therapy!)

painkillers wont help ur head if its ms/nerve related i am guessing. change temp around ur head-either hot or cold thats maybe worth a try?

*talks to self-ellie go and get washed/dressed…

ok ok-just another 5 mins please…

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Hi Flowerpot

Sorry to hear about your headaches.

My wife has recently seen one of the Neurologist regarding her very persistent and “spiking” headache, so between the pair of us we’ve almost seen the whole team . She ended up having an MRI with contrast and thankfully she was given the all clear and was advised what her headache was all about, which again was a result as it turns out it isn’t me. What did surprise me was at the end of the consultation he suggested she looked into acupuncture.

She has now had five sessions and I’m very pleased to report that she is feeling much better and practically free of the main complaint and the residual pain has subsided massively. Maybe worth considering if you didn’t mind needles and it one less chemical we’re asked to take as we combat this awful disease.

Hope you feel better soon, all the best.


hello hun…sorry to hear about the head aches, but can I just mention something you might not have already heard of…if you have, then sorry.

My ma in law used to have continual headaches and took paracetomol all the time. Then I read that it causes a rebound headache, so other remedies are better.

I researched it for her and came up wth feverfew…a herbal med that really does help some sufferers.

Have you tried it?


Hi Flowerpot.

Sorry you are feeling so bad.

Have you tried pressure points to ease your headache pain. I use them after working with a lady that was at uni to qualify as a thingy (can’t remember what she is going to be called).

Anyway, the bit for headache pain is the flap of skin between your thumb and your pointy finger. If you pinch it with your other thumb and pointy finger the pain goes away so gives you a little break. Troublei as soon as you release it the pain comes back.

Hope you feel better soon.

Shazzie xx

So sorry you’re feeling rotten flowerpot…headaches are the pits! Wish I lived near you, I would give you one of my relaxing shoulder and neck massages. Anyone near you that offers them? ((((((Hugs))))))

They work for me too Jen. I have even resulted in getting a peg from the line to put on that flap of skin. They I could have a little sleep.


Aw thanks everyone. It’s subsided now and I’m feeling much better. Some great tips, they all sound well worth trying next time. I should be ok for a few weeks now. I especially like the relaxing massage idea.

The Red Cross will come to your home and do them flowerpot. Its what I used to do as a volunteer.

Ask your gp to refer you or give the Red Cross a ring. They will be happy to help you. xx

Hi Flowerpot!

I read on here once that someone recommended drinking Red Bull for headaches.

I’ve not tried it myself but its worth a try!