feeling really rough!!!

everyone, hope your all as well as can be??

Had a headache for a few weeks now that has progressively got to worse to the point it now feels like i have a clamp in my skull and its hideous!!!

Phoned my MS nurse ( i finally have one and shes amazing!!!) and shes going to try and sort something out, the pain was soo bad last night i nearlly took myself to A&E!!!

Had an mri a few weeks ago and its looking like the lesions that were on the original have sort of disappeared but there is possibly a new one or two!!! So alternative treatments are going to be looked into!

So at themoment im at a loss as to what to do about the pain, i cant cope much longer with it!!!

Any advice would be wonderful!!

Take Care

Kate x x

Hi Kate,

Sorry to hear off your severe headaches. This was one of my first symptoms which went away when I changed my diet, mainly cutting out dairy and red meat. It may of been a coincidence of course. The new lesions may be causing the problems and pleased to hear the old ones have virtually gone away. All the best, Peter.

Hi Kate,

You poor dear - I agree that it might be food. We know that you can become allergic to things that you were never allergic to before so maybe keep a food diary. And I know you’ve had a few stressful events happening and stress can cause migraines. Does your nurse think it could be migraines?

Short of painkillers I can’t think of anything else to try. I take feverfew for my migraine headaches (they can be a b***h where I can do nothing but go to bed) but thats not going to help with the pain. Maybe call your MS nurse again to see how long it will take you get you sorted out with some meds

Take care hun - lots of hugs (gentle ones so you don’t get jiggled)

JBK xxx

I have had this before and it was really hard to cope with.

My neuro said it was either a migraine or neuropathic pain in my head.

I tried every pain killer you can think of but nothing worked until i went on the medication for nerve pain (gabapentin/pregabalin/amitriptylene)

I had the feeling of tight pressure and pain across my head. It felt like i had a very tight alice band on my head.

I had it for weeks but eventually it went away and i stopped the meds. The pain was unbearable at times and it frequently reduced me to tears.

I was reluctant to take the medication but it really did help me through it.

I hope you get some relief soon.

Take care


Hope you feel better today (((((hugs))))

Pam x