repeating myself but so stressed sorry

Sorry for repeating myself, I know I ve said this before but my head is wrecked.

I had a 7 minute MRI done 3 weeks ago, following a 3 minute appointment with a neuro who did everything he could to ignore what I was saying and try to persuade me my pins and needles and burning in my head is chronic migraine caused by drinking 4 cups of tea a day.

I have my follow up on Wednesday and nobody to go with me as its half term and nobody is around to look after the kids.

Having looked up the info sheet from the hospital for chronic migraine ive got myself in a twist because it says to stop all pain relief- i have generalised pain all day and night and it terrifies me going without treatment, considering Ive just had 18 months therapy from the chronic fatigue service saying I must trake pain relief as pain makes fatigue worse. THe other treatments offered for chronic migraine I cant take as i react badly to them.

But Im really upset about this because I do not believe this is migraine at all! But guess how they diagnose chronic migraine? There are lesions that show up on an MRI…

I know before someone comes on and gives me a good shake that I am jumping the gun, but seriously, Im willing to put money on this as to how this is going to turn out. Dont shout at me for going on about this, I am genuinely stressed out!

Who do you ask for a second opinion? Is it the neuro or the GP?

Don’t worry about going on about it - we all have those days where these things stress us out. Migraine can cause lots of weird symptoms and it may be worth trying what they suggest and seeing if it helps. Some of the treatments they give are the same as for other neurological conditions anyway and so may be of benefit either way - leaflets only offer limited general information and a specialist can consider your own medication needs and modify them accordingly. If you then want a second opinion then I believe the GP is the place to go but I could be wrong there. Hope that you find an answer soon and whatever treatment they suggest helps and sorry you have to go on your own for your follow up. Take care and stay strong - they will work it out but it may take a while xx

I can promise you, that an experienced radiologist who will be interpeting your scan results, knows what type of lesions and where they are in the brain, are suggestive of a given condition. That’s if you have lesions of course.

I was referred to a neuro due to chronic headaches/migraine. It never entered my head that I may have MS but that’s what I was diagnosed with…of course I hope you won’t be. My other physical symptoms, I just put down to my arthritis.

Do not stop any of your medication, just wait until you have all test results in.

Wait and see what your scan result shows and then if your still not happy, it’s your gp that you ask for a referral as Sarah mentions above.

Take care x