convinced of a brain tumor! aggghhhh

Hi All. Ok so have had headahces on and off for about a month now. Been to dr. twice and they seem to think it’s just tension headache. However, along with the headache I have had dizziness and feeling faint and just not with it. The headache is in different places and sometimes gives me a neck ache and shoulders ache. The Dr. did my blood pressure four weeks ago and fine but last time I went it was a little high. Doesn’t seem worried. I also sometimes get a headache while exerting myself or when standing after sitting. This doesn’t happen all the time but quite often. Does any of this sound like typical MS symptoms. I have been dx for about 3 years now but not really felt like this so far. Any comments would be appreciated as it is really getting me down now. I really want another MRI done. :frowning:

This sounds very much like my personal experience of MS.

I certainly don’t have a brain tumour and I’m sure the medical professionals I see would have acted swiftly if they even suspected a slight possibility.

However, I’m certainly not a pro, so if you are genuinely worried that a tumour is a real possibility, I would suggest talking about it with your Neuro/Doctor/MS Nurse as soon as possible.


Hi, when are you next due to see your neuro?

If it is a long way off, why not ring your MS nurse and see if you can get an earlier appt?

The headaches are obviously causing you some anxiety, which in turn, causes more headaches.


I have seen my gp a couple of times and am due to see neuro in November. Today my son had a Birthday party, and I got very stressed due to a number of reasons (One being kids!). I was fine but when I started laughing at something I got a really sudden pain in my head. I can not feel my pulse in my head and feel like my head is about to explode! I am really anxious now but gp’s don;t seem to understand.

Oh dear. Sounds horrible.

I think I would think about popping to A & E and let them have a good look at me, then at least you can relax if all comes back clear!!!

I dont usually like going to A & E cause they are so busy but reckon you need to be seen by someone who can make you feel better and hopefully some reassurance.

I really hope everything is ok


The pain and sensations you’ve described from today could easily be a stress reaction/high blood pressure. Even a migraine x

I agree with Mrs C.

I know it is hard but try and deep breath and relax and see if that helps.

Thinking about it you don’t want to go to A & E tonight really as it will be full of drunks etc and that will probably make you feel worse.

Shazzie xx

Maybe call out of hours service if some calming techniques don’t work x

Thanks guys… think I will just listen to relaxtion cd tonight and maybe go to out of hours dr.s tomorrow. It’s pretty scary and maybe the anxiety just makes it worse.

Definitely makes it worse I would say. Make sure you get it checked out tomorrow though if you are still worried.

Be thinking of you.

Shazzie xx

That’s exacly my thoughts, if you were feeling headachy after exertion I would insist on a doctor’s note before letting you participate in an exercise class as it does sound like BP to me.

I know our versions of MS are all different but I, personally, would think it was a tension headache/migraine on the way!

If you’re not taking LDN or anything (i.e. you’re ok with Codeine) then I found Syndol were pretty good for relieving tension headaches but check with your GP whatever :wink:

Take care

Sonia x

I have an outpatients appointment today so hopefully might get some answers. NOt holding my breath though! x

Good luck x

I am offering a completely different idea that could offer an answer to your MS and bad headaches. I presume they have checked for Hughes Syndrome?

This complaint mimics MS symptoms and can also cause bad headaches. Worth asking if they have checked as far as I’m aware there are no set tests to diagnose (which there should be). It’s a case of what the Neurologist feels should be tested for.

Yes, thats a good idea, Hughes syndrome does mimic ms - and has been a cause of misdiagnosis. lt symptoms are horrendous headaches and blood clots. So do google it - as many of our GP’s are not aware of it.