Scared and Very Upset

Evening everyone sorry for this long winded message in advance.

Been to my GP today for the second time this week with symptoms i have had for a few weeks now. Shes referred me as a

matter of urgency to Neuro but i have to wait 12 weeks, i tried to look at private but still had to wait until the end of Sept :confused:

It started off where i was getting what i called a “going to sleep” sensation in my hands, they would just feel numb (right hand first). For last couple years i have randomly woke up in the night and the right side of my scalp and forhead/cheek would be numb i put this down to sleeping “funny” and it would be gone by the morning time. For the last three weeks my numb fingers are now on the left hand (thumb, index and little finger) and i am having periods of numbness on my right temple/scalp, but the thing that is really irritating me is a numb tongue, its driving me mad, i can still taste food etc but i have a metallic copper taste in my mouth rarely goes.

The only new thing i have had for the last couple of weeks is a sinus headache i did tell my GP this. All my bloods are fine, there are no vit deficencies or anything else out of sync (they did note my infammatory markers are high). So im left with a pain in my right temple (not quite a headache) with numbness and numbess in my left fingers and a numb tongue with not much reassurance. She was open enough to say she thought it was highly unlikely there was a tumor as i passed all the neurological tests and she had a look into the backs of my eyes etc, but did the urgent referral for suspected MS…

Has anyone else had these symptoms and how long did they last for?

Sorry for the long message x

Hi Stacey x

Sorry you are going through all this - it’s scary place to be when you don’t know what’s happening to you!

Has your GP arranged for an MRI while you are waiting for your appointment? Has she prescribed you anything to help with the pain?


Hi, I went private initially, back in1999, as there was a waiting list of 10 months to see a neuro on the NHS!

I am surprised a private consultation would still be several weeks away.

Having said that hun, I doubt the outcome with the difference in waiting times, wont warrant you paying.

After my first private consultation, I transferred to the NHS and saw the same neuro!!

Your GP has done all she/he can with an urgent referral.

Hang in there love, and hopefully your appointment will come through sooner than you expect.

I know its a terribly worrying time, when you dont know whats going on.

luv Pollx

The waiting time for private surprised me - have you tried different hospitals and consultants in the area? I paid privately and saw a consultant a week after booking, I could’ve got an appointment for 2 days after phoning but wanted to see a specific consultant. That sucks if the waiting list even for private is that long for you :frowning: The waiting list for an MRI scan can take quite a while so going back to what Jen said if the gp hasn’t referred you for an MRI scan yet ask them to do the referral now so that it gets things started. When you get the letter with the referral appointment for the neurologist appointment it normally has a telephone number on it - I would phone it a couple of times a week to check for any cancellations as sometimes they may fit you in quicker. Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time of everything. Things to do prior to the appointment is to write down a list of your symptoms and the dates as it can be useful to give to the neurologist (it also helps incase you forget any of the symptoms). Hope you don’t have to wait too long X