New Symptoms

Hello Everyone

I am wondering if anyone out there can give me some advice?

To give you a bit of background in April last year it was thought I had suffered a TIA, however after a subsequent MRI it was concluded that the attack was a migraine. I was seen by Doctor Bowen as the results of my MRI showed a high number of lesions on my brain, he carried out a number of physical tests for MS. His conclusion was that I all of the scans would indicate MS but i dont show any physical signs and that I could potentially develop MS in the future but he could not say, I am to just keep an note of any new symptoms.

Recently I have found my short term memory seems limited, the wrong words come out or garbled sentences. Also on Thursday last week I suffered a sudden extremely painful migraine which lasted around 5 hours, I thought i was going to faint and i had pins and needles and numbness on the right side of my body. I can only ever recover from a migraine by sleeping so slept for around 15 hours. I have got a perforated ear drum which I have an appointment to see the ENT in September for so im unsure if this could be having an effect?

Can you advise if I should perhaps see my GP about these things?


Katie xx

Definitely see your GP, Katie. Memory problems plus mixing words and sensory symptoms (I have all of these too) on top of migraines (which I do get but thankfully not often, though family members get bad ones) are all good reasons by themselves to see a doctor! Good luck xx

Thankyou xx

Thankyou xx

def go to the GP

migraines can be so painful :frowning: the GP might ask you to write down what you are eating and drinking in case something triggers the migrain. i feel for you, i get horrible migraines that last all day and then i feel fried for a few day after :confused: the damaged ear drum could be contributing to a migraine, good you are getting that looked at

Thats a really good idea, I am going to start that today . Yeah im the same i dont function properley for a few days after an attack they really are horrid!


My mum, brother and aunt get bad migraines. Some foods to avoid are cheese, chocolate, red wine, any bad E numbers, MSG (takeaway food often has this but sometimes you can ask them to leave it out), citrus…but it can be a very individual thing. You might try excluding one thing for a few days. I’m sure there must be a good migraine website somewhere.

Ah sorry to hear that :s not nice. I hope you get it sorted soon xx