Feeling rather PIPped, what?

Aah, a feeling often felt by Bertie Wooster after his own inept plans were scuppered before the masterful intervention of the implacable Jeeves put everything right again.

The following article speaks for itself. However, it is reassuring to know that the PIP system not only fails the meek and the inarticulate in society.

Will there be a Jeeves on the tribunal panel to restore the world to its rightful order?

It shows that nobody is immune , I hope they sort it out soon it seems very unfair , I didn’t have any problems but I know a lot of people have .

It’s madness.

The forms are loaded with potholes.

I am yet to receive the call but I will be ready. If I ever get a face-to-face I will be expecting the “but what about the good days?”, I will say that I am describing the good days.

Best wishes.

Another good article in the Guardian today.

My PIP was reviewed earlier this year and it appears that at least one person at the DWP understands the Primary Progressive version of the disease. I had a phone call to clarify an item on the form I’d filled in and I received a letter saying my PIP would be payable on an “on-going” basis, so this ‘soft touch’ process might be working. I thought the form looked quite different - it asked if each item was better, the same or worse.

I was very relieved and I hope this is the approach they’ll take more often for us PPMS’ers. However, I still expect I’ll be getting a new form and a review again before I can blink!

Sonia x