Hi everyone

I heard from the DWP today and my PIP process has started…don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Pam x

Feel for you Pam,i am dreading the start of mine, good luck with yours.

J x

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Pam I got citizens advice to do mine, they know how to word things.

Best of luck

Jan x

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Get help. someone from disability rights helped me the first time I filled it in and then when we had to re do 3 years later we just put that nothing had changed. Ive never had a problem but it was pips from the start I’ve never had disability living allowance. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Yes, the Citezens Advice helped with my appeal too. What a shinnanagon! Thankfully I don’t have to go again, until 2022. The MS nurse & Nuerologist both added weight to the appeal & a van load of medical history. PPMS doesn’t get any better. Just gradually worse! It’s marvelous!!!

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Good luck Pam, hope it’s relatively painless

Sonia x

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Thanks everyone for the advice and good wishes.

Pam x

Just been called for my 2nd review, only 15months after last one. I have not got better! Stress levels through the roof. I feel your pain. Good luck. Carolyn

Benefits and work website have lots of advice on Pip, worth a years subscription which is I think £20, to get specific information about how the process works. Good luck.

Good Luck Pam, as you know I was not given my full amount but now after what they call mandatory reconsideration I got the full amount. People kept saying to me that they focus on what you can’t do rather than what is wrong with you and they were right! I really hope you get it at the first stage Pam.

Thinking of you and keeping all extremities well and truly crossed for you,

Love Nina x

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