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I wrote this as lately i am in despair with the amount of people who are in such a state and upset about the current applications for the new benefit PIP and crossover from DLA.

I am sending it to the government.

I just feel so bad for all those who have to be put through this awful treadmill.

It is purely my thoughts, others may have their own, please share on the blog if you do. Or have had bad experiences.

Have a lovely sunday. xx

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Just read your blog Crazy chick and could not agree more with all that you said.I felt like a criminal when i was assessed for PIP after been on DLA high rate for a long time.I am still waiting for the decison but according to my assessment i will loose my car and have middle rate care and that’s if i am lucky.The whole of the benefit system is corrupt.Some people are naive and think that the new PIP rules just targets the dishonest ones.The PIP forums i go on are just full of heartbreaking stories.I am not going to appeal my decision when i get it.I know i should but i just have not the mental strength to appeal and it angers me that because of this, the corrupt DWP win as usual.Its made me very ill since august having to go through the process and now the waiting.Its disgusting how they are treating disabled people and no one is even botherd.Shame on them.I will be housebound with no car too.I have had no help with any aids i have had to buy over the years too and even this has gone against me.I didnt mind having to buy them as i could afford them but what i dont like is it being used against me.Sod the lot of them anyway that what i say.I have decided they are not going to treat me like a criminal anymore and i will not hold back.I will tell them where to go very shortly i feel enough is enough.


A really well considered blog post, Chick. Successive governments of all colours have been absolutely intent on portraying us to the rest of society as a bunch of freeloading fraudsters who deserve to be treated as such, and pay no attention whatsoever to our human rights. It is completely gut wrenching to see numerous threads on this forum expressing dismay and anxiety at the sheer injustice of the pip process, and the stress that it causes at a time when none of us need it given our precarious state of health. What happened to such polite offices as care and consideration ,respect and compassion? They left the building long , long ago. No one cares about the way disabled people are treated any more - in fact we have become the target of bullies, of hate crime, and blatant discrimination.

Jaydee, You have all my sympathy at such an awful, stressful time for yourself, and for your family. I hope and pray that you will get a favourable outcome, but if not ( God Forbid) that you will battle the decision to the maximum. Never give up the fight, we are all here for you.


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First class blog, Crazy Chick! I so entirely agree that disabled people should never have to jump through hoops, so to speak, in order to get assistance. I actually believe that it’s not a ‘gift’ from the dear government, but is in fact a ‘right’. Most of us have paid taxes and contributions to the NHS throughout our working lives, so we should not be made to feel that any assistance and/or monetary benefits are a charitable affair. They aren’t. I believe that it is indeed a criminal act to censure genuinely disabled people and make them feel like Second Class Citizens. We aren’t. I too get so upset to see how so many deserving people end up being an emotional mess due to the current ‘system’, and to be taken advantage of whilst we are at our most vulnerable, and have to battle through the brain fog which can be associated with MS. I have PPMS and intend to do battle when the time comes. So, Jaydee and others, please don’t give up - if you get turned down for PIP, put in an Appeal and also write to your MP - don’t let them wear you down 'cos you’re worth more than that.

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Don’t these people who discriminate/look down/patronise us realise that we didn’t ask to be disabled, we did nothing ‘wrong’ and yet they behave as if we’re slightly?? inferior to them.

I don’t really ‘understand’ how anyone can think it o.k. to come along and assess/judge someone who has a disability?

I mean who the **** do they think they are ?


Enjoyed reading your blog, and found it very thought provoking. I do agree that something like the EDSS could be used for some disabilities but as they vary considerably from condition to condition it wouldn’t be suitable for all and as you can have three neurologists with differing opinion even MSers could be judged differently.

But One problem for MSers is, it is a largely invisible condition until it is in the very advanced stages,as opposed to something like cerebral palsy

What they want is a one size fits all benefit system but one size can never fit everyone.

Regarding Blue badges… unless it varies from council to council anyone getting PIP mobility either standard or enhanced rate automatically will qualify for a Blue Badge, Just simply fill in the form from the council.

Most car parks are run buy private companies so folk need to lobby them too increase the provision of disabled access bays. Maybe the MS society and Scope and others could get together and lead the campaign.

Your blog is spot on, I wish I had your skills and eloquence.

great job


Thank you.Its causing me a lot of stress to be honest.

hi ddd, even though i got enhanced pip i still had to go through the rigmaroll of a big booklet for my blue badge. it is not automatic here. it took 3 months to get my blue badge sorted and by the time i did my old one was out of date.

I got into a huge argument on a post on facebook where people were literally calling blue badges scam artists and there were way too many bays for us, and not enough for toddlers and mothers. I was gobsmacked to be honest.

I said you chose to have kids i did not choose to have MS. Jeez they get the same size bay as i do and yet they can just arrive with a child in a car like i say in my blog. the discrimatory comments i see about disabled is worrying. we are even according to many on digital spy politics forum being blamed for BREXIT. yep the blue rinse and disabled brigade…

i do believe it is down to varyiants on council policies. xx

OK i am going to scold you Jaydee. You are disabled right you have MS right, so why would you allow them to WIN.

I know you are stressed about all this, i get you, i was too. I was one of the lucky ones who got a really good assessor.

so if it goes against you, you take a big deep breath and go for a mandatory consideration. we as your fellow MSERS will be here to support you through that, but lets wait and see you may get a surprise or not. BUT PLEASE if it goes against you do not like them win.

we will be behind you.

GUYS if you did have bad experiences can you put it on my blog please. I am hoping my blog will end up on someones desk who might become our champions. xxxx

EVEN IF ITS not the EDSS score it needs to be a system where by if you are diagnsoed with a life changing disease you should qualify and then be reassess as and when the disease moves into the active and permanent phases.


I have to let it go for the sake of my health.I am already having bad chest pains so letting it all go is a must for me im afraid.I cant face anymore assessments like the one i had, it was just awful.I am a strong person too,had a lot and having a lot of very stressful things to cope with besides all this.thats why they do it to wear us down and if i was not as ill as i am and other bad stuff to cope with then i would see it through.