I had a lovely Xmas present of DWP my award for higher rate DLA has now been with drawn on the new PIP scheme. Without even contacting any of my NHS professionals so that’s me stuck in. Obiviously I’m appealing but how can they make these decisions. I know people better at walking than me who have got it, it’s a mad system.

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Eh? What? How chuffin ludicrous!!!

Have you gone through the transition from DLA to PIP?

ie have you been assessed, filled in new claim forms, been seen by PIP personnel?


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Yes been assessed and walk with crutches I’ve got foot drop and fall over frequently but they reckon I can use public transport or taxis it’s mental I’d love to be able to walk the distances they say I can

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OMG Well I dont stand a chance then as i use a wheelchair out.

I tought the idea of the mobility compenant was to enable you get out to work etc, and if you have to use a taxi it will help pay for it.

I wanted to go to my local MS centre and its 10 miles away. I got a price for a taxi to take me there and back and it would accommodate my wheelchair the price was SIXTY POUNDS. I nearly fell over. The cheapest i found was FORTY POUNDS, how am I supposed to pay for that. I am a pensioner as it is.

I hope you fight this hun.

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