Feeling quite low :(

Hi all,

Sorry but i’m on a bit of a downer…

My ex and I split up about 2 years after being together nearly 16 years. We’ve remained very good friends but the whole way through our relationship he insisted he never wanted to get married or ‘deal’ with any of that stuff! Today however he dropped the bomb shell that he’s getting married in June…

I Can’t help feeling sad. I want him to be happy but it’s made me look at my own life and what a big pile of poo it is :frowning:



That’s just a total pisser. I’m really sorry, and there’s nothing anyone can say to help, but I hope that time will heal, and you feel a little brighter soon. Sometimes life really is a rum old joker, but it doesn’t feel one bit funny.



Hi Char

Sort of know where your coming from , split up with partner 9 months ago having been together for 19 years ( no kids ) and think that was a problem to her , and i know what the next announcement will be , because she didnt wait around unlike me ( im still alone and shes with a new bloke for 18 months ( see above ) ) just getting my head round to thinking im better off alone as the last year was not doing my health any good ( i knew , confronted her ,wouldnt admit it and still wouldnt if i asked her now , even though i know 100% . Even as what ive said previously i still get on well with her and sort of use her for my own needs ( not in the way you might be thinking ) and its amazing what a guilty concience does

Chin up Char

I’m sorry for how dreadful you feel Char. It’s not fair and life never is but I bet you get up and get on with it every day. Then, one day you will notice that you don’t feel quite so bad. Try to carry on with that brave face and one day it won’t be just a brave face but one that is more content with the world. I hope it doesn’t take too long, Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Hi Char, ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s getting married to right a few wrongs. I.e. Not that he’s found someone that’s better than you. But someone he doesn’t want to lose like he lost you :slight_smile: Suz xx

Hello Char,

He obviously wasn’t worth his weight.

Sure hope you’ll find someone worth loving who loves you back, but give yourself some time, grieve, then move on, if you can cope with MS you can cope with whatever life throws at you.

Look after yourself.

Love Janet x x

love and hugs to you xx

Thanks Alison, Like you say, I’m sure with time I’ll get my head around it and be ok.



Thank you so much for your reply. I’m sorry to hear you have been through something similar. I think time will help for us both. This is the first time ever I have lived on my own and I can’t say I like it but may be it’ll be good for me. Hope you’re doing ok and i’m here if you want to talk.



Thank you Teresa, I’m sure you’re right and in time things will seem much better.



Hi Suz,

You could be right. Sadly I think the other reason is she has money!!!

Thank you for your reply and hope you are well



Thank you Janet,

You’re right, time to think about my health and just making the best of the things I do have



Right back attcha Deb :slight_smile:



What a g*t you are obviously much better off without him. I echo what Janet says- it will take time to get over this but you will come out stronger. Take care


That sucks

If that’s you in your avatar, I’m sure there will be someone MUCH better along any time now


Karen x

I’d say Suz is spot on there.

Just hang in there and don’t rush into marrying the first person you meet!

Lolli xx

Thank you so much Cathy



Oh bless you, Thank you Karen



So sorry to hear that Charlotte :frowning:

All I can offer is a big ((((hug))))

Weekends seem to be the worst I know thats how I feel at times

Mark xxx