Feeling emotional

Hi all hope you are having a lovely weekend. Does anyone have days where you feel very emotional but Don’t know why. I seem to be very emotional today and edgy without a valid reason. I also seem to be having trouble finding words when I try to hold a conversation. Thanks Sonia x

It happens to me occasionally. Sometimes hormones play a part, sometimes there is no obvious reason for me being so emotional. (((Hugs)))

Hi Son, sorry to hear that. Hope it doesnt mean you are sickening for summat else hun.

Yeh, I do feel low sometimes for no apparent reason. This horrible constant rain is not helping.

Try to plan something to look forward to. I`m getting my hair coloured on Wed, then off to Blackpool on Sun for 4 days.

If I didnt have that I could get down.

luv Pollx

Thanks for the replies, I feel I could cry a river but crying is something I find very hard to do. Maybe if I could have a blow out I might feel better. Time to find a very sad film, any suggestions? Sonia x


the notebook is a lovely love story but sad too.

carole x

ps you may have emotional lability, i went through a phase of laughing, then crying, my neuro told me it was lability.

Hey right now I cry at adverts :slight_smile: Lou x

I all. This is my first time on here. It’s quite scary really. I saw this post and thought I’d drop in, I am so emotional at the moment I cry constantly, I feel sick I can’t get my head together. I know why but I just can’t sort myself out. If anyone has advice for getting my head in a better place I’d love to hear from you. Thank you

Have you ever watched The Horse Whisperer - I start crying a very short way into that! But it’s an amazing film.

Sonia x

Think I will be joining Netflix, thanks for the advise and support. Catfish has posted her first post in this thread if you hadn’t seen it, sounds like she needs some TLC too Guys. Welcome Catfish and I hope you feel better soon too. Thanks Sonia x

Oopppps Catfight sorry lol x

I know how you are feeling. Today i feel really low, lots going on in my head. Yesterday i was fine one minute then bawling my eyes out the next!..weird…I’m now waiting for the brightness to peep through the dark clouds in my head. I know it will…eventually. :-S

Back in March I had a few days when I was very down, crying at the slightest thing. I took a few days off work and basically ignored the world. I slept, cried, watched TV and did my cross stitch but apart from nipping to the shop, the only person I spoke to was my husband. It was what I needed at that point and when I forced myself back to work the following week, I did actually feel better. I’m lucky to have understanding managers.

Since then I’ve been much better mentally and emotionally, back on a much more even keel.

I think the changing seasons also help: the clocks have gone forward, the evenings are lighter, the garden is growing, it’s easier to be cheerful in spring than in autumn/winter.