Feel very confused

Hi all
I am feeling a little lost.
I have face numbness and had an MRI last week.

Just had a telephone call with doctor who said I have.
Brain inflammation
Lost of structure to the brain
Stripping to the outer layer of nerves

Could be MS

Need to wait for hospital appointment

He sort of dropped a bomb and left it with me.

Any help, comments would be great. Thank you

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I am sorry that you are having such a worrying time, Debra. That sounds like a very difficult call to get. I hope that you have a face to face discussion and some reassurance soon.

I’ve been through something very similar in the last couple of weeks. I got an appointment with the neurologist very quickly so hopefully you will too. I had been imagining much worse things than MS and the neurologist was reassuring that there was a lot they could do nowadays, treatments have come along way even in the last 10-12 years. Take care and look after yourself.

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