feel like crying relapse or not

Diagnoised in oct 2012, had awful pain but been on gabapentin and although I have pain in my leg once a week for a day it always is ok the next. I had a cold last week and kept going but come saturday my leg started playing up. Thought it would be gone the next day but it is around still today . Im resting but the gabapentin not helping enough. Do you think this is the after effects of a cold or relapse. Ive tried to get hold of my ms nurse but havent heard yet. Do you think I should increase the dose of my gabapentin. I only just feel that I was getting some of my life back but this week its all reality kicking back in and feel very down. We are supposed to go away at the weekend and the children are so excited but at this rate wont be walking much, my 8 yr old packed a week ago. Just really got me down.

Hello Zoe, oh poor you, I do feel for you hun.

It probably is a combination of the cold and relapse, that is making your leg worse.

About going away at the weekend…have you thought about borrowing a wheelchair from perhaps the Red Cross? They do lend them out. I did so a while back and it was great.

I`m not saying you now need to go wheelie full time or anything like that, but maybe just when there is a lot of walking and you feel you may be slowing everyone else down.

I dunno about increasing th gabapentin, as it is a med I am not familiar with.

Seeing as you can`t get hold of your MS nurse, why not ring your GP and ask…tell them your MS nurse hasnt got back to you.

Hang in there love, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hi Zoe

It may be just a pseudo relapse caused by the cold last week. Hope the nurse gets back to you with some useful advice before the weekend.

Do you have a stick that can help with walking at the weekend? I invested in a pretty folding one in March when I had a relapse and, much as I’d love to leave it behind, it goes everywhere now so I know it’s there if I’m beginning to struggle. It’s amazing how much further I can go just having a bit of extra support.

In any case, I’m sure the children will have just as much fun being somewhere different. You may have to rethink some activities - maybe there are some wide open spaces where you can plod along at your pace but they can run free in safety? Where are you going? Have a great time and try not to worry too much as that won’t help

Tracey xx

Thanks for your replies, im not limping so I can walk its the pain thats stopping me so dont think a stick would help. Going to try nurse again I know she will say wait and see what develops, its just hard I know for all of us xx

Going to wareham, in a caravan. I think I get a bit of a mental block. The minute something happens I just want to feel safe at home. Something im going to have to get over at some point. Xx

Hi Zoe,

Do you supplement? I find that Magnessium Citrate really helps with pain, 250+ mg. I had pretty bad pain last year and started taking, the pain pretty much stopped.

I started with a cold about three months ago, I felt really good, apart from the cold, so went cycling for ten miles. Nine weeks later, I am still in relapse, so when you have a cold don’t over do it. Both my last two relapses have been bought on by a cold.

Try the Magnessium it may help. Don’t get Magnessium Oxide though as it doesn’t adsorb too well.

Adrian x

Thanks adrian, im taking magnesium, zinc,selenium, b12, d3, gla, hemp oil and juice fruit and kale everyday. Rally into all the natural remedies so if any ideas would like to hear x

It is horrible when MS rears its ugly head just when a person is feeling a bit more in control of her life. And it so often happens that, just when a person wants to disappear under the duvet and cry, it is necessary to hoist a smile and get on with a holiday or other family event that everyone is looking forward to, but that somehow feels at risk from MS if not spoiled altogether. I am sorry things are so tough right now. I hope that you are feeling a bit better by the weekend and that you manage to have a lovely time despite everything.


Your all so kind sat in the garage crying, teenagers unhappy that im not driving them around. He ho tomorrow another day x

Those teenagers will find their own way of getting around. DO NOT repeat DO NOT feel guilty!


Poll is right. And those teenagers do eventually come out the other side and stop being so selfish. Just as they turn into the kind of people that you’d like to spend time with they spread their wings and spend less time with you :wink:

My son is now quite thoughtful and will actually make me sit down and rest whereas just a couple of years ago he used to think I was being lazy if I didn’t help him find his lost sock/shoe/school folder/ … You get the idea!! He used to get short thrift as I told him that now I have a chronic illness it’s time that I was the selfish one and started to put myself first.

Kids, who’d have 'em?!

Hope you’re feeling better soon

Tracey x