feel about 90

I know im getting on a bit at 46 but this time last year i could plonk down onto the floor and get back up without even thinking about it. Now i find it hard even getting down onto floor and trying to get back up is such an effort. usually have to get hauled back onto feet by my son. Does anyone else have this struggle x

Hell yea!

I am a similar age to you and I also have many times when I feel 90!


46 going on 90 , i work with old people and they often see me struggle if i have to go down to look at their legs, feet etc. probably makes them feel better lol x

Oh yeah if I crouch down somebody has to pull me back up and if I’m sitting on the floor I get up like a toddler- you know on to hands and knees and try and get up. Even chairs I push myself out of and I could do squats with huge weights added on a year ago Axx

Thats whats so annoying arwen, i used to be so agile and fit only a year ago too. I read on internet that there is a study on the ability to sit and stand from floor which is an indicator of possible premature death if someone is unable to do this without help. has freaked me out i can tell you,x

I am the same… i am only 28. At least my 7 year old son finds it amusing. I certainly don’t but have developed a “funky commando roll” to get from one side of room to the other!!

Im 45, waking feeling stiff in the joints (elbows and knees) I dont sure if its a symptom or just age… the stiffness disappears in minutes.

After reading this I just had to see how I get up from the floor. I used to sit on the floor all the time and am still often there with my nearly 5 yr old. Try this: if cross legged put legs to one side. Push with the hand farthest from your feet to come up into kneeling position. Bring one leg up, foot on floor and put both hands on that thigh just behind the knee; lean forward to push yourself up, bringing the other foot out to stand on the floor. Does that work for you? I’m certainly much stiffer than I used to be, especially if I sit still for any length of time but I’m quite mobile still (though getting increasingly concerned with odd sensations and muscle spasms).

I am 23 and I have to get my partner to lift my legs via my bum whilst going up the stairs cause I literally get tired out after 9 steps. I can’t sit crossed legged for too long and when I do it’s like I’m a toddler on unsteady feet getting back up. So what Reiki suggested is what I do, but it looks so funny seeing a grown person do it. xx

i cant sit cross legged any more, my muscles seem to be too tight. cant sit on my behind either , when sitting on the floor which i try and avoid i have to sit with legs stretched out but i do get up the way you suggested Reikiblossom x

Hi, I can only remember what it was like to sit on the floor and play see-saw with my now 15 year old grandson.

The 3 that followed him only know me as being their special grandma who gave them rides on her scooter or wheelchair.

Some of my nastier memories involve meeting the flolor much quicker than I intended to and NEVER being able to get up unaided.

Yet somehow, when I mention my age, 61 seems like a lie!

In my head I am 37! Forget my body!


I can’t get up from the floor anymore as I can’t put weight on either of my hands to push up, it’s a nightmare! Getting out of the bath etc is also getting difficult. Oh to have working hands again, sigh.

I’ve lost the ability to get up from the floor now without having some nearby furniture to help me. I have, however, gained the ability to roll when I fall over now so I suffer less bruises! Practice makes perfect :smiley:

I haven’t had a bath for years!! I can get in but not out. Do have a shower though in case your wondering I’m only 57. If I get on my knees then I have to crawl back up by pulling on the furniture