Some Difficulty Rising From Chair or Floor

Last couple of weeks I have noticed a lack of power getting up; - not that it stops me, but I feel underpowered in relation to what I expect. Also started getting some lower back pain walking and now just sitting. I remember this first symptom first happened some years back, 4 -5 years. Lasted several weeks then went away. Seems like a recurrence.

Its probably not been helped by your wild fishing adventure dear…lol ( I tried to post on your thread about swimming but my pc was playing up.)

Hope it clears up soon! Gillian x

I meant to say your wild swimming adventure.

Dear me I am thinking one thing and saying another and now I seem to be able to think one thing and type another.

I presume this is cognitive impairment, lol

Be a good time to get a neurophysio appointment perhaps - not only for treatment, but to try and get info on possible causes that you can get on the record?

I hope it improves soon.

Karen x

Interesting. I have what I have described as weak legs and arm. But really I think it is commands getting through from my brain I have to really contrate on what I want my limbs to do. If I get hot or tired I start tripping over my own feet. Solved by concentrating on picking my feet up (but that is hard to keep after a short while). With my left arm I have to check I’m holdings level or what I’m holding tends to droop and then I have to will myself to hold it level. I’m worried about muscles getting weaker if I don’t use them so try to keep using them (but generally don’t trust my left hand with a mug of tea over the keyboard!)

If you get any tips from do post them. I thought of getting a physio appointment for advise but will have wait on the event of a dx.

Hope it gets better soon.


Gillian, you have me down as a multitasker: fishing, at the same time as drowning! Being a man I only do one thing well at any one time, and I was concentrating on the downing.

Karen I’m wary of toubling medics especially neuros right now with anything not measurable, visible or touchable and the trouble with my perception of being underpowered getting up, is that whilst I wouldnt describe it as subtly different from normal, it isnt going to be noticeable to a quack. I think I’ll wait for an arm to drop off or something first. Then I can point at it and say Hah, there it is, what did I tell you!

I get similar, sometimes I don’t have the power to get of a chair, the floor, sit up or tunr in bed or climb stairs. I believe this is due to muscle fatigue and stiffness as is the pain.

My Oh jokes that I need a hoist.