I’ve struggled with weakness which seems to be mostly in my hips and thighs, numbness and tingling and it often comes and goes.

The other day I had been sitting down, my legs didn’t feel particularly heavy and I didn’t have the crawling sensation I get a lot just some background vibrating like tingling which I have most of the time.

I went to cross my legs and nothing happened just the briefest flicker of muscle, my legs weren’t stiff at all, I just couldn’t move them. Eventually after about 30 mintues I was able to move them a little and stand with help after several minutes it seemed to ease off bit by bit.

Is this normal?

(I’m undiagnosed).

hi tabitha

neurological high jinks of some kind at play here.

keep a note of this sort of thing - when it started and when it stopped.

let your neuro know about it when you next see him/her

scary i know, but keep calm

carole x

Hi Tabitha,

Yes, I can relate to the inability to move the legs. I often get the heavy/weak legs syndrome when walking, so I now walk with 2 sticks, or I just end up inching forward, which is VERY slow, and also exhausting!

Ive also had several episodes of whole body paralysis. This has so far only happened whilst sitting, or more frequently, lying down. It feels like Ive been coated in stone, and cannot move any part of my body, apart from my mouth! The time this has affected me varies from about 10 minutes to over an hour, and is really scary! Im still very much a native of "lLimboland", but this problem seems to baffle most health professionals Ive spoken to. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Faith WB