Feedback to the web team...

Not sure where to put this, so thought I'd start a new post so comments might hopefully be in one place(?):


- the Edit Profile function isn't working

- the Preview function isn't always working

- the "Styles" function isn't wysiwyg

- Text size can't be edited after posting

- Where's italics? (It's rather useful!)


Anyone else got anything to add? confused


Karen x

Fair enough - thanks Bob.

Another one: when you click on WYSIWYG help, you get taken to a post about vibration in MRI!!!



Can we have the ascending / descending buttons back please?


That’s our attempt at surrealism

I am beginning to worry about your mental health…


It’s going to get very confusing with multiple quotes (This is an example?)



Does this help?


Obviously not...

Wot help?

Must be time for a Mars bar - i'm already on a different planet...

Karen, WYSIWYG is working but you have to make selections before you enter any text.

Umm, how do you do multiple quotes? And I agree that the multiple quotes so far are very confusing to read. They need colour differentation or a divider or something.

Bob, can we please have the red wiggly line back to show us spelling mistakes? My spelling is good but my coordination sucks and so I do a lot of typos. The auto spell check helps a lot with this.

Also the smileys are way too big in relation to the text. I know, I am being picky!

And has the email notification or subscribe to this thread diasppeared? I can’t find it now…



Hi Belinda - we’re working through the bugs this morning. I’ll look into the spell check option - there’s definitely one on the WYSIWYG module we’re using so will get it activated. Multiple quotes is not an easy one - we have a choice between using quotes or reverting to the whole sub-thread, reply to a reply situation we had with the forum on the old website. There isn’t really an in-between option I’m afraid. You can edit manually by deleting those sit’s you don’t want to quote inbetween the and tags while you’re posting. Not ideal but we’ll have to work with it for the time being anyway.

You can subscribe to a thread via the “get email alerts” link on the bottom right of the oringal post. I’ll see about getting a button for this at the bottom as well if that helps?

Thanks as ever for you input…


P.S I like my smilies big!!

The text size thing definitiely isn't wysiwyg'ing in the comment box. I typed these sentences in different sizes, but they look identical here (in the comments box).


Now when I come and edit, we're back to the same size in the comments box. Will it be different in the thread? Probably!


Because it's not wysiwyg, you can't tell if you've remembered to put the text at the size you want.


I'v lost my buddy list and my private messages.




14 Oct 2011 at 7:50AM

  • quote

With me if I click on the right, Inbox 0 Outbox 8 I get a 404 Not Found Eeek

So what I did was click new email (lower down on the right) then my inbox outbox posts shows up,
I clicked onto someones name from past message then to added that person to buddy list.

Once you re-add someone to your buddy list the buddy list section will display on the right everytime you visit the forum.

Its still a little bit around the houses and would seam my previous humble buddy list was reset.

I gather if the reset did happen then buddy list section will not show up until you add someone to

your buddy list for the first time.

Hope this helps, its a bit around the houses my description. but hey

I have followed Monty moles instructions, but I can’t find the Outbox or sent box,

What am I doing wrong?


What is the problem with links? (urls)scared2

You now have to highlight and right click on them to access the linkangry


How about starting from scratch, with software writers that are competent, or is that to much to ask.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

I like it. My eyes doen't freak out, I can see what I'm typing, the background's a pretty colour and I like the new smilies.happy2

Well done,have a drink or twenty, xxjo