New site 2021

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this new site is too painful for my eyes. It’s a lot more complicated to use (although I’m sure I’ll adapt to that part), but it has too many in-your-face options and too much white space.

I don’t think I’ll be on here very often.

Not to mention the difficulty signing on now, the necessity of having a brand new title for every new topic, and having to repeatedly accept the terms and conditions as I move through the new functions. This is not better. It’s a mess.


Hi NorasMom I agree with you the font they are using hurts my eyes too and when I reply to a message I have to search to find it - it’s difficult and I’m hoping I can actually get used to it too

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It’s too bright.
They should never had changed the one before last. That was the best one.


It could definitely do with a dark mode and there is much to adapt to but it certainly looks a step forward to me.

Having moved a number of sites to new platforms in the past I know it’s a lot of work and you’ll never please everybody. Well done to the teams and the Admins for all the hard work.


Hello! Well that took a bit of doing, but I think I’ve finally beaten it into submission. What a palaver! How is everyone?


Thank you for your feedback, and apologies for any inconvenience with some of the issues you’ve mentioned, @NorasMom. Can you let me know the trouble you are having with signing in to the forum and I will look in to this.

If you’d prefer to use the forum in dark mode, this is possible by clicking your avatar/initials at the top of the fourm, then selecting preferences - interface.

Oliver - admin


Thanks @Cheetah. To set dark mode for viewing, please select your avatar/initial at the top of the forum and from there; preferences - interface.

Oliver - admin


Well, I got the background changed, which helps, but now I can’t read the original forum posts, and it’s still requiring me to consent to the terms and conditions every single time I open a new page.

Hi Everyone.
Hope you are enjoying the New Layout. I found it a little daunting at first but getting used to it.
I am an MS Society Group Volunteer in Ross-Shire, Highlands.

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Hi NorasMom,
Sorry to hear you are struggling a bit with the new site. I am sure Oliver and the team will try to help as much as they can. I have had time to wander around the site and it is quite different from the previous version. As such it will take time to learn new ways of working and to get used to new layouts and designs. I am still getting (what passes for) my brain around things, but as with most computery stuff, the more you do the easier it gets. When it becomes annoying, just stop walk away and come back another time. This usually works for me. All the best Mick


I dont like it at all but i hate change at the best of times.Its too confusing for me and too much to take in.

Thanks @NorasMom, we are looking in to the consent pop up that you are seeing - thank you for flagging.

I agree imconfused

Yes, I agree… Anything new always takes time to get used to. I have figured it out now…

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Hi all, I’ve managed to change the background colour to dark mode but I could be doing with a brighter text colour. I don’t see anywhere to change it, does anyone know?

Weird new site. I’ve turned down the light on my iPad but I’m not keen on the typeface either. If my eyes weren’t already screwy, they soon would be.

At least I’ve just managed to find some emojis. Hurray, animals, things, pictures. :cat: :rabbit: :penguin: :flamingo: :honeybee: Even harder to see than the typeface, but at least we have pets!! And :cocktail: :wine_glass: :clinking_glasses:

Ha Sue xx


happy days Sue. Hope your eyes are improving M

Hello NorasMum,
I’ve just done the exact same as you. I swiched to ‘Dark Mode’ which is much better than the white backgound, so I’ll keep that. The problem was in reading the original post, it had gone far to faint; however, after a struggle, I managed. Also, I think I’ve ‘consented’ about half a dozne times. Teething problems, I guess.
Am Pleased to see that Oliver is looking into it.


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Has anyone found spellchecker? There doesn’t seem to be one, and my smelling’s crop at times.



HI Everyone,
Looks like we all made it through to the other side.
I remember when the site changed to the last one. Took a while to get used to it but we all managed. :grinning:

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