A test (from a non-admin account)

Hi all

Feel free to reply to this if you can see it.

Greg [my admin account is gregchivs for PM’s etc.]

Just trying out the ‘like’ and other bits…

The spell checker is still on our development list - it’s a shame your in-browser spell checkers don’t work but there’s security issues with them.

We really tried to get this on this latest release but it’s actually more complex on out content managament system than you’d think. The preview button is a compromise for now and we’ll have to save some pennies to see if we can’t get it added on a future release.

I’ll look into this.

Yes, you are.

Greg [admin]

Morning Greg

Morning Val

Greg [from my proper admin account]

Replying to get post back to the front page.

Do you still want replies??

Well, I guess you just got one anyway :slight_smile:

Karen x

It certainly does seem simpleryipee!!! Thank you Greg.


tagged the ‘like’ button for the first time, nice to see the ‘send reply to author’ option too!

wendy x

Nice work Greg and the ability to see poster history is a particularly useful feature, as it should make for better replies.

Tried to send you a congratulatory message yesterday but kept getting a 403 error message. Seems to all be working fine today.

I really, really like the new improvements. I also like the new accessibility buttons across the top of the page that let you change the colours of the page to make it easier for people to read depending on their visual preferences. And a preview button at the bottom

Now we just need to get the spell checker working and a few more tweaks listed below and the site will be brilliant. Good stuff!!!

Can we also add an edit button which is time limited so the poster can edit any typos etc that might have slipped through for an hour or so after initially posting?

One more suggestion: WYSIWYG is still not working correctly. If you insert an emoticon and then try to change colour it will only change before the emoticon, not after it. And the text enlarge button doesn’t seem to do much…
I know, I know, I’m so demanding

But otherwise it is a great improvement



Much better!

Thank you to you all for all your hard work in improving the site.

Test reply