Tech people: Why doesn't my spell check work on here?

It’s only on this site that it doesn’t work… and only when I post. It works when I use PM.

Works on everything else I use, email, facebook etc. I’d love it to work on here as I so often have to change what I’m trying to write as I can’t think of the correct spelling (in fact I recently forgot how to spell the word MUCH…lol…)

I’ve got Windows 7 and use Google Chrome and I’ve checked the bit at the top (looks like a wrench) and the spell check is on and set for UK English.

Tech people… any advice?

Thanks for any help,

Pat x

Hi Pat,

I have exactly the same problem with a Mac and Firefox.

As my spelling and typing is so crap I have to do my answers in Word and cut and paste here - a bore!


Hi Jane, yeah sometimes do the same… or type the word into the address bit at the top and sometimes the right word will ‘drop down’.

Frustrating as you are probably same… used to be able to spell. I know it shouldn’t matter but it does!
Let’s hope we both get some answers…

Pat x

I know what you mean, it’s so annnoying that I have to keep putting words onto a word document to make sure they are spelt correctly, I do wish there was spell check on here.



Wendells has the right of it:

As my spelling and typing is so crap I have to do my answers in Word and cut and paste here - a bore!

Spell-checkers are usually individual to each program. Some you can switch between UK and US spelling (but some are stuck with the latter). Writing in Word, and then doing a copy-and-paste is tedious, but it works. Of course, if all you want to do is send a quick reply, then it might be too tedious (it usually is for me, anyway).


And, if anyone reads my post above, they will see a typo (the last ] is missing from a quote command).

A spell-check would not have picked this up - but a preview button might have.


It seems to be an uncorrected glitch by the people who were contracted to implement the software for the boards. There is no reason for the spell check not to work, this software DOES support it but it was badly done and thus we have this problem.

For any long or complicated posts I do it in Word first as well.

And a preview button would help… we used to have one but it disappeared.


Ditto to all of the above!

I stick words I can’t remember into google. If it’s a long post, I often do it in Word first. Annoying!

PLEASE can someone fix the spell check functionality?

PLEASE can someone bring back the preview button?

Karen x


Please, please, please…

B x

I hereby volunteer to bump this post up on Monday so NEW MEDIA TEAM see it!

(I’ve already made on a note on my little blackboard… all I have to do is remember to look at the blackboard…)

Pat x

Houston, we have a problem…

Is there something Media Team can do to to give us a spellchecker or make it so our spellcheckers work?


Pat x

There is - both of these are on their way. I can’t say exactly when yet but it will be happening.

Greg [admin]

Thanks Greg.

Pat x

Thanks Greg

B x